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Rational ClearQuest native client applications configured for remote help users cannot access complete help content



When ClearQuest native clients are installed with the default remote help setting, users do not get the complete help content. Note: This problem has been resolved in Rational ClearQuest version and and later.


When Rational ClearQuest native client users open the product help, the Contents does not include all the help information available from the ClearQuest Information Center.


The value for the remote help URL is not set correctly during the installation process. As a result, the URL pointing to the remote help content on the web is disabled.

Diagnosing The Problem

When you open the ClearQuest help, the Contents does not include the complete help information. For example, information about installing, administering, reporting, and other topics are not listed.

Resolving The Problem

To resolve the problem, change the help preferences configuration to enable the remote help URL.

  1. Open one of the ClearQuest native client applications: ClearQuest for Windows, ClearQuest Maintenance Tool, ClearQuest Designer for Windows.

  2. From the menu, click Help > Help Contents to start the help application.

  3. In the Help window, click Help > Preferences.

  4. In Preferences window, expand Help option.  Then, click Content.

  5. In the Content window, click the first entry that has the URL for the Rational ClearQuest help available on the web.

    The URL for the remote help is 

  6. Click Enable.

  7. Click Apply to update the configuration and close the Help Preferences window.

  8. Restart Rational ClearQuest.

Note: To add a new URL, click the Add button. Then, type the URL, and click OK. Use the enable and disable buttons to activate the URL. If more than one URL is enabled, the help from each location is included in the Help content.

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08 August 2018