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Rational ClearCase Vendor Support Policy: Network Attached Storage Devices

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What is the support policy for NAS devices with ClearCase as of December 2015?


As the technology and standards adopted by vendors of network-attached storage devices have matured in recent years, it has become unnecessary for IBM to test and certify Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices for use with ClearCase. IBM supports all models of NAS devices that conform to relevant industry (IETF) standards—such as NFS3, NFS4, CIFS, TCP/IP, and iSCSI—for use with ClearCase.

IBM advises customers who use NAS devices with ClearCase to

  • Select a NAS vendor that is a member of the TSANet vendor co-operative ( to expedite the investigation and resolution of problems. IBM works with NAS vendors to document problems that are attributable to their devices.
  • Validate the claims made by NAS vendors about the performance, reliability and standards conformance of their products; in particular,
          • Execute industry-standard I/O benchmarks to ensure that performance is adequate.
          • Test performance and function using a copy of your ClearCase production environment.
  • Use the DeveloperWorks forums ( to share the results of your tests.

IBM accepts calls to Customer Support for problems involving ClearCase and NAS devices, investigates such problems, and corrects defects that are attibutable to ClearCase through the Authorized Program Analysis Report (APAR) process.

For instructions on configuring NAS devices for ClearCase, refer to Using network-attached storage devices with Rational ClearCase.

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24 October 2018