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QZRCSRVS Prestart Job MAXUSE Setting



This document provides recommendations for the MAXUSE setting on the QZRCSRVS prestart job.

Resolving The Problem

For Remote Command and Remote Procedure Call (QZRCSRVS), the recommendation is that the MAXUSE setting for QZRCSRVS always be set to 1 to prevent the jobs from being reused.

Because these commands and programs that are serviced by the QZRCSRVS Prestart Job can perform any variety of things and the server does not know what these things might be, it is not possible for the server to ensure that all appropriate clean-up is done once the QZRCSRVS job has serviced a request. As a result, it is possible for one of these connections to open an object and leave it open. Then, a second connection could access data that the user should not be seeing. Similar problems could occur with locks on objects and temporary storage issues could also result. Because the server does not have control over what happens within the job, it is not possible for the server job to perform the appropriate clean-up required to reuse the job.

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18 December 2019