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QTADECRYPT dataarea in QUSRSYS can cause GO RESTORE 21 or RSTLIB or DSPTAP to fail with CPF670B



The QTADECRYPT dataarea in QUSRSYS causes a GO RESTORE 21 or RSTLIB or DSPTAP to fail with CPF670B and CPF4101 if the associated key file has not been restored yet, is missing, or has been deleted


CPF670B and CPF4101 is posted trying to perform a DSPTAP or RSTLIB or other restore activity like a GO RESTORE 21.


The tape processing fails if the QTADECRYPT data area is found in QUSRSYS and if the keystore file listed in the QTADECRYPT dataarea (ex Q1AKEYFILE in QUSRBRM) is missing from the system.

Diagnosing The Problem

Find the CPF670B message and identify the missing listed keystore file

Resolving The Problem

If the tape is NOT an encrypted save like a GO SAVE 21 .. then rename or delete the QTADECRYPT dataarea and try the restore or display action again. If the volume is an encrypted BRMS volume, then check the MASTER KEY is set correctly and the keystore file (like Q1AKEYFILE) is available on system and then attempt the restore or display functions again.

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Modified date:
18 December 2019