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QSECOFR Profile is Disabled



This document discusses how to enable the QSECOFR profile from the console.

Resolving The Problem

If QSECOFR profile is disabled, have the user go to the console and attempt to sign on. If the user knows and uses the correct password, it will allow them to sign on. The user must then re-enable the profile.

If you have another profile with *SECADM special authority and authority to the QSECOFR profile, you can change the password using that profile:


Refer to Rochester Support Center knowledgebase document New, QSECADM Special Authority is Required to Change QSECOFR Profile, for help with finding a profile with sufficient authority. To link to New immediately, click here:
*SECADM Special Authority Is Required to Change QSECOFR Profile

If the QSECOFR password is not known and you do not have a profile which you can use to reset the QSECOFR profile, refer to Rochester Support Center knowledgebase document New: Resetting QSECOFR Password Using DST - Version 5. To link to New immediately, click here:

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