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QRadar: Why is the Save Results option disabled when creating or editing a search in the Log Activity tab?

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When users create a new search or edit an existing search (Log Activity > Search > New Search OR Log Activity > Search > Edit Search), there is an option to save the results when the search finishes. In some instances, the Save Results option is disabled. How to enable the Save Results option?
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When users create or edit searches, there is a Time Range option that can be set to one of the following values:
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As the names suggest, the Real Time (streaming) and Last Interval (auto refresh) options lead to dynamic search results that cannot be saved. On the other hand, the Recent or Specific Interval options lead to static search results that can be saved.


Choose the Recent or Specific Interval options under Time Range:
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The Save Results option is then enabled and the search results can be saved.
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13 October 2020