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QRadar: How to configure RAID

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Lenovo® system was purchased from 3rd party without RAID configured, or the RAID controller was replaced and configuration lost. How do you configure RAID on Lenovo systems so they are compatible with QRadar?


  1. In the BIOS
  2. Under System Settings
  3. Goto Storage
  4. Select LSI MegaRAID Configuration Utility
    Note: if you see a different utility and not this one go ahead and select it instead
  5. Main Menu
  6. Then select Virtual Drive Management
  7. Confirm no RAID is configured with "error not found".
  8. Go back to LSI MegaRAID Configuration Utility 
  9. Main Menu
  10. Then Configuration Management
  11. Create Virtual Drive
    Note: If you do not see this option you may see Foreign Configuration, if so select it and clear it's configuration then when you go back you will see Create Virtual Drive.
  12. Change RAID0 to RAID6
    Note: If you do not see RAID6 you either don't have the license for it or it isn't compatible with your system. Instead configure for RAID5
  13. Select Drives
  14. Go to the end of the screen and select Check All
  15. Apply Changes
  16. OK
  17. Save Configuration
  18. Yes
  19. OK

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Modified date:
23 March 2021