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QRadar: GlusterFS Migration Known Issues

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The QRadar upgrade to V7.4.2 or later requires you to run a migration script on the Console appliance. This script migrates the High Availability (HA) file system from GlusterFS to Distributed Replication Block Device on all Event Collectors in your deployment (irrespective of whether they are currently part of an HA setup or not).
This technical note is a landing page for several articles that document various issues that can be encountered when you run the migration script. If you are planning to migrate OR are at the initial stages of the migration, we suggest you review the checklist provided in this article.


GlusterFS troubleshooting articles from QRadar Support
If you experience issues with an upgrade or GlusterFS migration, administrators are advised to open a support case with IBM QRadar Support.


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02 December 2021