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Can QRadar Support help with your feature request on the IBM Ideas portal?


QRadar Support can assist with terminology and an issue summary to help users write feature requests related to OPEN cases. User with open cases can ask their support representative to write a summary of the issue when a feature request is required. The goal of the write-up is to ensure the issue is communicated clearly from the case notes when you work on issues with the support team that are product gaps or feature enhancements.

Important: Customers are required to submit the final draft to IBM Ideas Portal website to ensure that extra questions or feedback required from QRadar Release Management is provided to the correct email address. The email address associated to the IBM ID of the submitter is used as the primary contact for the idea. The submitter must be the QRadar user or administrator for your organization and not a QRadar Support representative. Users can include an extra contact email during their idea submission, if you are not the primary contact for your company.

Note: QRadar support representatives do not have access to the submission system to give updates or feedback on pending feature requests or development roadmap.

How can support help?

  1. Upon request, QRadar Support can write a summary of the issue based on your case that requires a software feature to resolve. You must currently have an OPEN case in support related to the request so we can use the case notes to complete an accurate write-up.
  2. A draft of the idea is added to the case, allowing the customer to download and verify that the explanation represents the issue correctly. 
  3. The Support representative requests to close the case upon confirmation that the write-up explains the feature request or issue. 
  4. The customer must submit the case report to the IBM Security Ideas website:
    Link Description
    QRadar SIEM Create a new idea to suggest an improvement to QRadar.
    QRadar on Cloud Create a new idea to suggest an improvement for IBM QRadar on Cloud.
    QRadar Integrations Request a new DSM, scanner, or protocol integration for QRadar. 

    NOTE: Issues related to existing DSMs, protocols, or scanners must be worked through IBM QRadar Support team cases. The idea process is intended for new integrations and not for error messages in existing supported DSMs, protocols, or scanners.
    QRadar Vulnerability Manager (QVM) Create a new idea to suggest an improvement for QRadar Vulnerability Manager.
    QRadar Risk Manager (QRM) Create a new idea to suggest an improvement for QRadar Vulnerability Manager.
    QRadar Network Insights Create a new idea to suggest an improvement for QRadar Incident Forensics.
    QRadar Apps Create a new idea to suggest an improvement for QRadar Log Manager.
    QRadar WinCollect Create a new idea for WinCollect agents to forward events from Windows hosts.

What happens when I submit my idea? 
QRadar Support does not own the enhancement process, we assist customers with their cases, troubleshoot issues, resolve technical problems, and apply workarounds for known issues. Unfortunately, QRadar Support cannot assist with status updates in cases that relate to IBM Ideas portal submissions. The QRadar Product Management team, which is an extension of development owns all features, roadmap requests, and ideas for all future software implementations. The Product Management team reviews all incoming feature requests within 7 days of receipt and provides feedback to users on future features and software implementations. The idea is reviewed and the status is updated by Product Management with one of the following status descriptions:

Open idea status descriptions

Status Description
Submitted The idea is submitted and an update is pending from the IBM Product Management team. Product Management teams are to provide an update within 7 days of submission.
Under consideration The IBM team is evaluating this idea or feature request. As the Product Management team reviews the idea, they might request input on your idea within 90 days of the status being set to Under Consideration.
Under consideration: Uncommitted Candidate This request is not scheduled or committed by development for a release, but the feature aligns with the goals of the QRadar Development team. Users who want to gain traction on ideas can share their ideas with other QRadar users to vote for the feature. Users can then post their idea in the QRadar forums ( or in other areas where QRadar users talk to vote for their request, such as Reddit /r/QRadar or IBM Community.

IBM will update this request in the future as the content is under consideration.
Planned for Future Release The idea is a candidate for a future generally available (GA) release. IBM's statements regarding its plans, directions, and intent are subject to change or withdrawal without notice at IBM's sole discretion. IBM reserves the right to update this request to reflect any changes or decisions made by the IBM Security Product Management team.
Need More Information IBM is requesting more information from the submitter before the request can be evaluated. Need more information status remain open for 30 days. If the submitter does not respond, the idea is closed and the status set to Information Not Provided (see Closed Status Descriptions).
Information Provided The submitter provided additional information to assist IBM in evaluating the request. If the content entered is incomplete, IBM might change the status back to Need More Information.

Closed idea status descriptions

Status Description
Delivered The request is delivered in an existing software release.
Rejected IBM considered the request, and the idea or feature is not under consideration. If the feature receives continued interest from users, the idea can be resubmitted for consideration after 18 months from the submit date.
Information not Provided If a request for Need More Information is not completed within 30 days, the Product Management team can close the idea. Requests for information are not automatically closed after 30 days and it is the discretion of the individual Product Management team member to close an existing idea or enhancement.
Is a Defect IBM identified the idea as a defect, requiring a software release to resolve. The idea is closed and tracked with IBM's APAR process. QRadar uses Authorized Program Analysis Reports (APARs) to track issues reported by users and is IBM's official declaration of a defect or software issue.

Each APAR receives a unique number, which is provided in the idea response to the user. Users can subscribe to APARs to be alerted to a software release that includes their resolve issue. 
Targeted for Open Source Code IBM determined the idea must be developed within the Open Source Community where the software is maintained.
Duplicate IBM identified the idea or feature as a duplicate of another request already posted.

My idea status was not updated. What do I do?
If your request was not answered after 7 days or within the 90-day consideration window, contact the QRadar Product Management team or your Sales Representative. Optionally, you can add a comment to your existing idea.

I'm stuck and don't know how to proceed. Who can I talk to?
If you have a question that is not on this list or need further advice, you can ask a question about the ideas process in the QRadar forums ( This page is monitored by both QRadar Product Management and Support teams. Our forum moderators can assist with your questions or put you in contact with the proper IBM personnel for QRadar issues. The forums are a good source of information and a place where you can get other QRadar users involved in your feature request. To vote on any issue, your idea must be set to public and votes require an IBM ID (free registration).

Optionally, you can email the following IBM personnel for assistance: (QRadar Support)


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