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Q&A about IBM Notes Traveler support for Apple iOS 7.x



This technote contains important IBM Notes Traveler support information for Apple iOS 7.x device users.


Does IBM Notes Traveler support syncing with Apple iOS 7.x devices?
Yes. Synching with iOS 7.x devices is supported starting with Notes Traveler releases 8.5.3 Upgrade Pack 2 Interim Fix 4 and Interim Fix 1. See the Index of recommended maintenance for IBM Notes Traveler to download the latest release.

Can you use an iOS 7.x device with SmartCloud Notes Traveler?
Yes, the SmartCloud Notes Traveler environment is at appropriate levels to support iOS 7.x devices.

Do Notes Traveler Companion and Notes Traveler To Do applications support iOS 7.x devices?
Yes, new versions of Notes Traveler Companion ( and Notes Traveler To Do ( applications are now available at the Apple App Store. Users must install these new versions of the application if using an Apple device running iOS 7.x.

Can you sync an iOS 7.x device against an older Notes Traveler server?

  • Most features supported by older server levels will still function with iOS 7.x devices. Many Apple device issues have been resolved in later releases of Notes Traveler, in particular issues related to syncing complex calendar entries.

  • However, if you encounter problems syncing an iOS 7.x device against an older Notes Traveler server, IBM Support will request that you upgrade to one of the supported versions shown above prior to troubleshooting the issue.

  • Will the Apple Notes application on iOS 7.x devices sync with Notes Traveler?
    No. Only the existing applications syncing with Notes Traveler prior to iOS 7.x are currently supported. Support of the Apple Notes application will be considered for a future Notes Traveler release.

    Can you use the iPhone 5s fingerprint identity sensor with Notes Traveler?
    The fingerprint function of iPhone 5s is a device-level feature; it is not possible to administer this feature from the Notes Traveler server. Users can enable the fingerprint reader and use it as a shortcut to entering a device passcode. Then they will be required to enter the device passcode when the device powers on and at least once every 48 hours.

    NOTE: In general, new features released by a particular device or OS upgrade are investigated for support in the next major release of Notes Traveler. You should regularly review the product documentation for your particular Notes Traveler installation to see the latest available information.

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