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Process changes for completing a CLM server rename operation for a load-balanced ClearQuest server configured as an OSLC provider

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How can I modify the OSLC configuration stored in ClearQuest schema respository master properties when completing a CLM server rename operation?


In ClearQuest version and later, the OSLC configuration settings for load-balanced ClearQuest servers must be stored in the ClearQuest schema repository as master properties: OSLC_FRIENDSCONFIG, OSLC_OAUTHCONSUMERS, and OSLC_PROJECTAREALINKS. Because the CLM rename script is configured to update the OSLC settings stored in the ClearQuest WebSphere Application Server profile home directory, you must retrieve the OSLC configuration files from the master properties before you begin the server rename operation.


When you perform a CLM server rename operation, the server rename script updates the OSLC configuration settings typically stored in the following files:


The default location for these files is in the WebSphere Application Server Directory profile directory for ClearQuest:


If the OSLC configuration settings are stored in ClearQuest database master properties, use the following procedure to retrieve the OSLC configuration files, complete a CLM server rename operation, and update the OSLC configuration files stored in the master properties.

Updating OSLC configuration settings during a CLM server rename operation
for a load-balanced ClearQuest server

    1. Identify the ClearQuest server where the CLM server rename will be performed.

    2. To retrieve the master property corresponding to each of the files that the CLM server rename script must modify, run the installutil getmasterpropertytofile command. See example.

      If you don't retrieve the master properties directly to the path and file names that the CLM server rename script is expecting, the files must be moved or copied to the appropriate path and file names before continuing to the next step. See example.

    3. Complete the CLM server rename operation.

      For instructions, see CLM server rename in the ClearQuest documentation.

    4. To update the master property for each of the modified OSLC files, run the following command installutil getmasterpropertytofile. See example.

    5. Log in to each ClearQuest web server where you want to refresh the OSLC configuration settings. See Technote #1644559 for information about automating this process.


In the following example, the ClearQuest version 8.0.0 OSLC configuration files are retrieved from the ClearQuest schema repository master properties to the directory c:\temp, copied to the directory where the server rename script retrieves them, and then stores the updated files in the ClearQuest master properties.

    installutil getmasterpropertytofile 8.0.0 admin "" OSLC_FRIENDSCONFIG c:\temp\friendsconfig.rdf

    installutil getmasterpropertytofile 8.0.0 admin "" OSLC_OAUTHCONSUMERS c:\temp\oauth-consumers.rdf

    installutil getmasterpropertytofile 8.0.0 admin "" OSLC_PROJECTAREALINKS c:\temp\project-area-links.rdf

After retrieving the files, copy them to the WebSphere Application Server profile directory location where the CLM rename server script is expecting the files:


After completing the CLM server rename operation, update the master property for each OSLC configuration file with the updated information.

    installutil setmasterpropertyfromfile 8.0.0 admin "" OSLC_FRIENDSCONFIG WAS_profile_home\installedApps\nodecell\TeamEAR.ear\cqweb.war\WEB-INF\classes\friendsconfig.rdf

    installutil setmasterpropertyfromfile 8.0.0 admin "" OSLC_OAUTHCONSUMERSWAS_profile_home\installedApps\nodecell\TeamEAR.ear\cqweb.war\WEB-INF\classes\oauth-consumers.rdf

    installutil setmasterpropertyfromfile 8.0.0 admin "" OSLC_PROJECTAREALINKS WAS_profile_home\installedApps\nodecell\TeamEAR.ear\cqweb.war\WEB-INF\classes\project-area-links.rdf

Note: When you complete a CLM server rename for a CLM server that is configured to integrate with multiple ClearQuest schema repositories, you must execute these steps independently for each ClearQuest schema repository.

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