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Problem using the InfoSphere DataStage Common Connector stage



Error reported when testing a Common Connector connection via the Datastage Designer client


When you configure a common connector stage and you test the connection via the Datastage Client. The following error is reported:

"Failed to receive response from handler:ADMN0022E:Access is denied for the getState operation on Server MBean because of insufficient or empty credentials"

In addition, a similar error to the example below is also be logged in the Websphere SystemOut.log:

[1/20/12 10:07:11:053 GMT] 0000007f RoleBasedAuth A SECJ0305I: The
role-based authorization check failed for admin-authz operation Server:getState. The user <username> (unique ID: user:IIP/uid=<id>,c=gb,ou=<value>, was not granted any of the following required roles: deployer, operator, configurator, monitor, administrator, adminsecuritymanager, auditor.

Resolving The Problem

This problem can be reported if customers modify the administrative group roles in Websphere and remove "EVERYONE" and "ALL AUTHENTICATED" groups with the monitor role due to security policies.

If this is the case, you need to ensure that you add "EVERYONE" and "ALL AUTHENTICATED" groups with the monitor role.

An enhancement APAR JR41816 for the removal of this restriction has also been raised so that it can be considered for inclusion in a future release of the software.

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16 June 2018