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(Private Release) IBM ServeRAID Manager Application CD - IBM System x

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PRivate Release for IBM ServeRAID Manager Application CD

Supported controllers and enclosures:

  • IBM ServeRAID-8i Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) controller
  • IBM ServeRAID-8k and 8k-l
  • IBM ServeRAID-8s
  • IBM ServeRAID-7t SATA controller
  • IBM ServeRAID-7k Ultra320 SCSI controller
  • IBM ServeRAID-7e/8e (Adaptec HostRAID) controllers
  • IBM ServeRAID-6i/6i+ Ultra320 SCSI controller
  • IBM ServeRAID-6M Ultra320 SCSI controller
  • IBM ServeRAID-5i Ultra320 SCSI controller
  • IBM ServeRAID-4H/4M/4L/4Mx/4Lx Ultra160 SCSI controllers
  • LSI-1030 integrated RAID controller

File details

Version:      9.10
Release Date:      2009-10-16

File link      File size      File description      143,478,214      IBM ServeRAID Manager Application CD
ibm_sw_srapp_9.10_anyos_32-64.txt      14,396      README for IBM ServeRAID Manager Application CD
ibm_sw_srapp_9.10_anyos_32-64.chg      8,843      Change History for IBM ServeRAID Manager Application CD

Additional information

Severity: Critical

Change history

ServeRAID Manager 9.10 (B16980*)
* Release for Linux only

Problem(s) Fixed:

  • Launching of the controller screen for the systems present under display group for Launch in Context(LiC) under IBM Director agent.
  • Upgrading ServeRAID Manager RPM packages

Enhancements : N/A
Limitations: N/A
Dependencies: N/A


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02 November 2020