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Prerequisites for metadata import functionality added to InfoSphere Information Server, V11.3

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Lists patches or fixpacks that are required to access documented functionality that was added to InfoSphere Information Server, Version 11.3, after the GA release of the product.


The following table lists functionality and the patch or fixpack that is the functionality was delivered in.
Rollups also contain bug-fixes that are not listed in this table.

Since all rollup patches contain the content of the previous rollup patch, always install the most recent rollup patch that is listed in the table. The most recent rollup patch for V11.3.1.2 is: rollup_RU6_IMAM_11312. There is sometimes a short delay between the release of the patch and its availability on Fix Central.

Download the latest available patch from Fix Central.

NOTE: After you install the patch to upgrade to a new version of a bridge, you might need to enable the bridge. See the README.text file for the patch for a link to instructions when necessary.

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Updated versions of the following import bridges:
* ERwin 7 Data Modeler
* ERwin 8 Data Modeler
* ERwin 9 Data Modeler
* ER/Studio Data Architect
* ER/Studio Business Architect
* IBM Cognos BI Reporting - Content Manager
* IBM DB2 Cube Views
* IBM DB2 Warehouse Manager
* Microsoft SQL Server Analysis and Reporting Services (Repository)
* MicroStrategy
* Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition
* Oracle Hyperion Application Builder
* Oracle Warehouse Builder
* SAP BusinessObjects Repository
* SAP PowerDesigner CDM
* SAP PowerDesigner LDM
* SAP PowerDesigner PDM
* SAS Data Integration Studio
rollup_RU6_IMAM_11312Import bridges that are supported at V.11.3
* DB2 connector imports assets as databases from zOS
* Choose to keep or replace existing asset descriptions on import
* Replace parameter values at runtime for metadata imports


Import option for IMAM command
Command-line export and import of import areasrollup_RU4_IMAM_11312Transferring import areas
Support for imports with Sybase PowerDesigner LDM bridgerollup_RU2_IMAM_11300-11310Importing metadata with the Sybase LDM bridge
Support for imports with IBM Cognos TM1 bridgerollup_RU2_IMAM_11300-11310Importing metadata with the IBM Cognos TM1 bridge

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17 June 2018