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Prerequisite patches, libraries, and user permissions for IBM InfoSphere Information Server Pack for SAP BW 4.3.3 - 4.4

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Before you install IBM InfoSphere Information Server Pack for SAP BW, install the prerequisite patches and libraries.


Unix prerequisite

If the user that is starting the BW RFC server, and running the DataStage job are different, you must set the user file creation mask to 002 for both. Also, the users must have the same primary UNIX group.

Pre-installation patches
On IS only, install IS security patch JR55026 and perform the required remediation steps. For more information, see the Security bulletin  1982034 .

Postinstallation patches
No postinstallation patches are required as of now.
Required SAP SDK libraries

You must download, and install the following SAP SDKs from the SAP Support Portal.
Note: You need an SAP Service user (Suser) with software download authorization.
  • SAP NetWeaver RFC SDK also referred to as NW RFC SDK. Use either version 7.20, or 7.50 (but not both). Note version 7.20 is being deprecated by SAP as of 31 Dec 2019. It is recommended to continue using version 7.20 until deprecated (especially if the DataStage server runs on AIX where a workaround is needed to run with version, 7.50)
  • SAP Java Connector 3.1/3.0, also referred to as SAP JCo
  • SAP Cryptographic Library (optional, needed only if planning to use SNC)


  • On Engine tier computers, copy all SDK files indicated in the following tables to <ISHome>/Server/DSComponents/bin where <ISHome> is the installation directory of InfoSphere Information Server.
  • On Client tier computers, copy only the NW RFC SDK files indicated in the following table to <ISHome>/Clients/Classic
  • If the Engine and Client tier are colocated (Windows), perform both the Engine tier and the Client tier actions indicated previously.
  • For IBM Cloud Pak for Data 3.5.x, copy RFC SDK files indicated in the following tables on conductor pod that is, is-en-conductor-0 to <ISHome>/Server/DSComponents/bin and on /mnt//mnt/dedicated_vol/Engine/is-en-conductor-0/sapsdk/

Microsoft Windows prerequisites for NW RFC SDK

Install the Visual C++ Redistributable Package for applicable Visual Studio version. Follow this link for version needed along with download and installation instructions.

SAP NetWeaver RFC SDK 7.20
For download instructions, see:

SAP Note 1025361  - Installation, Support, and Availability of the SAP NetWeaver RFC Library 7.20,
or follow this direct link.  The files can be found in subfolder nwrfcsdk\lib of the downloaded archive.

Operating system Files
Windows icudt34.dll
AIX libicudata34.a

SAP NetWeaver RFC SDK 7.50

For download instructions, see: 
SAP Note 2573790  - Installation, Support, and Availability of the SAP NetWeaver RFC Library 7.50,
or follow this direct link. The files can be found in subfolder nwrfcsdk\lib of the downloaded archive.

Operating system Files
Windows libicudecnumber.dll


1. The NW RFC SDK 7.50 downloads include additional libraries (ICU 5.0), for example icudt50.dll icuin50.dll icuuc50.dll on Windows, on Linux x64. These files must not be used (copied as indicated earlier) as DataStage already includes the ICU 5.0 libraries. Use only the files indicated in the table.
2. For DataStage running on AIX, if you are using BW Extract and BW 3x Load stages: due to a known compatibility issue (the ICU 5.0 libraries are compiled in different modes for DataStage and NW SDK), you need to disable the icu function usage in NW SDK. Set the environment variable NLSUI_7BIT_FALLBACK=YES for the DataStage projects or jobs (for instructions on how to set see technote 1424455 ). Note these jobs might generate a warning at runtime (it can be ignored): 
Could not open the ICU common library. The following files must be in the path described by the environment variable "LD_LIBRARY_PATH":,, [nlsui1.c 2982] Unicode ctype functions are replaced with wctype functions [nlsui1.c2758]

SAP Java Connector (JCo) 3.1/3.0

Use either of the versions mentioned, but it is recommended to use the latest. There are 2 files: one platform independent (sapjco3.jar) and one platform dependent (sapjco3.dll on Windows, on Unix).
How to download:
1. Go to
2. Click SAP Java Connector / Tools and Services. You can find platform-specific links for download.

Operating system Files
Windows sapjco3.dll
AIX, Linux

SAP Cryptographic Library
Starting from version 8.1, the Pack supports SAP SNC connections both at design time (Client tier), and runtime (Engine tier). If you intend to use SNC connections, you have to install the SAP cryptographic libraries. For more information, see technote 2004893 .


  • Always use the latest SAP library patch level.
  • The bitness of the SAP libraries (32-bit or 64-bit) needs to match the bitness of the Information Server installation. On Windows systems use 32-bit libraries on all systems (including for 64-bit systems) since Information Server is a 32-bit application on Windows.
    Note: if you need to determine the bitness and version of existing SAP SDK libraries, see this document for instructions.
  • For SAP Java Connector (sapjco3.jar) a higher minor version can be used (for example, 3.1 instead of 3.0)
  • The version and patch level for JAR files can be determined by using the command: java -jar <jar-file>
    The version and patch level is mentioned under “Specification-Version” as <version>.<minor version>.<patch level>. For example, Specification-Version: 3.0.12, means version, 3.0 with Patch level = 12.
    (for Java commands, Java must be installed on machine, and JAVA_HOME path must be set to the JDK installation directory).
  • On UNIX or Linux computers, make sure that the operating system user that the InfoSphere Information Server user is mapped to has read and write permissions on the directories that the files are copied to. To confirm the user mapping, open the IBM InfoSphere Information Server Web Console (typically, http://<servername>:9080/ibm/iis/console) and click Administration > Domain Management > Engine Credentials.

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10 May 2022