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Potential loss of access to data due to Link Statistics commands

Flashes (Alerts)


DS8100/DS8300 users running Releases 4.2x to 4.3x (Bundle 64.2x.x.x to are exposed to a loss of access to data when Link Statistics related queries are run for either CKD or Open volumes with Starting Interface ID parameters beyond the range of existing host adapter ports.


Examples parameters/configuration combinations that cause loss of access to data are:

  • The DSO/PSF PRSD Performance Statistics Link Statistics Query command (zSeries type command) with an interface id parameter beyond the host adapter (HA) ports in the box. This can be done via CKD host or CLI command specifying an starting interface id too large for the configured/active host adapter ports.

As an example of a CLI command to collect link statistics which has the potential to start at an interface id larger than those assigned on the box.
  • lsioport -metrics <invalid HA port id>
  • showioport -metrics <invalid HA port id>

If the invalid port id is beyond the actual interface ids assigned in the control unit, the link statistics gathering problem will occur.

Do not use link statistic commands until you have installed a level of DS8000 microcode with the fix or make sure to use valid host adapter port id's based on your configuration.

Problem Resolution
The code fix is available in Release 4.3x Bundle or higher.
The code fix is available in Release 4.2x Bundle
DS8700 on Release 5 (Bundle or higher) is not affected.

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07 August 2018