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Potential Data Error on Flash Copy targets using Space Efficient Flash Copy (SEFLC) volumes after a DS8000 LPAR Failover or Failback.

Flashes (Alerts)


DS8100/DS8300 users running Releases 4.3x (Bundle 64.30.x.x) are exposed to a data error for a Flash Copy target on SEFLC volumes. A DS8000 firmware problem introduced in Release 4.30 caused an incomplete delete of a Repository volume on DS8000 LPAR1 (ESS11/ESS12 - bottom CEC) which exposes the subsystem because if the same Repository volume number is used when creating a Repository volume on a different extent pool and a new Repository volume is created in the original extent pool then the DS8000 is setup to use the wrong Repository volume for SEFLC volume accesses.


A Repository volume is needed in an extent pool when creating SEFLC volumes. The Repository volume holds customer information for all the SEFLC volumes within an extent pool. Since SEFLC volumes can only be used as Flash Copy target volumes the data error is a “point in time” copy of the source data.

Flash Copy relationships with SEFLC target volumes will perform properly until the DS8000 hits following trigger events:

  • DS8000 LPAR1 becomes unavailable (e.g. service action or firmware update)
  • Performing dual IML (e.g. DS8000 reboot)

The problem can be mitigated by not deleting a Repository volume on an extent pool and then creating a Repository volume with the same Repository volume number in a different extent pool. IBM recommends to avoid reconfiguration of your Repository volumes until a firmware fix is available or contact your next level of support for further guidance.

Problem Resolution
Firmware fix is available in Release 4.3 - Bundle or higher.

DS8700 model machines are not affected.

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07 August 2018