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Portal installation fails when hostname contains underscore "_"



During the installation of IBM® WebSphere® Portal, you receive a failure notice, stating "ADMG0005E: The attribute name is not valid."


From the LocalizeTrace.archive5.log:

C:\WebSphere\wp_profile\ConfigEngine\config\includes\wps_arcfixup.xml:1295: The following error occurred while executing this line:
C:\WebSphere\wp_profile\ConfigEngine\config\includes\wps_arcfixup.xml:1733: C:\WebSphere\wp_profile\config\cells\npate\nodes\npate\servers\WebSphere_Portal not found.

Total time: 2 minutes 21 seconds
isIseries currently set to: null
uploading registry
CELL: <cellname>
CELL: <cellname> ADMG0005E: The attribute name is not valid.

In the wp_profile_create.log:

<message>Validation Error for hostName: {0} is not a properly formed
host name.</message>


The configuration shows that the Hostname of the target server has an underscore, "_", in it. This is not supported in WebSphere Application Server.

From the WAS Information Center:

Avoid using the underscore (_) character in machine names. Internet standards dictate that domain names conform to the host name requirements described in Internet Official Protocol Standards RFC 952 and RFC 1123. Domain names must contain only letters (upper or lower case) and digits. Domain names can also contain dash characters ( - ) as long as the dashes are not on the ends of the name. Underscore characters ( _ ) are not supported in the host name. If you have installed WebSphere Application Server on a machine with an underscore character in the machine name, access the machine with its IP address until you rename the machine.

Resolving The Problem

Install to a server with no underscore "_" in the hostname.

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