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Planning to upgrade to IBM i 7.5 (Software)

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Planning to upgrade to IBM i 7.5 (Software)

Software planning

The following products and functions are not supported on IBM i 7.5.  Plans should be made to replace or discontinue use of these products and functions prior to upgrading to IBM i 7.5.  Please review prior release planning pages, as appropriate, for products/functions not supported in those releases that will also not be supported on IBM i 7.5. 

Software Suggested replacement
Samba RPM package for PASE open source environment IBM will no longer deliver a Samba RPM package with the IBM i operating system (5770-SS1).  Customers who require a Server Message Block (SMB) client or server can use the native IBM i NetClient file system (QNTC) or IBM i NetServer.
5722-WE2 Web Enablement for i 5733-WE3 Web Enablement for i
5733-D10 IBM Domino 10 for i This product has been divested to HCL.  Clients should order the replacement HCL Domino product.
5733-XT2 IBM XML Toolkit for i, Options 1-5 5733-XT2 is not supported on IBM i 7.5.  Existing ILE code will continue to work, but should be updated to a new supported version of XML parsing.
5770-JV1 IBM Developer Kit for Java, Options 14 & 15 Upgrade to a newer Java level using one of the following options of IBM Developer Kit for Java
5770-MG1 IBM Managed System Services for i None.
5770-SM1 IBM System Manager for i
This product is not supported on IBM i 7.5, however, a subset of the commands has been moved to the operating system.  Refer to the IBM i 7.5 Memo to Users for the complete list.
IBM Navigator for i: heritage version only The Heritage version of IBM Navigator for i from all releases of IBM i through IBM i 7.4.  Refer to heritage Navigator in this Security Bulletin.  Customers can use the new IBM Navigator for i.
IBM Navigator for i Due to changes in how browsers handle self-signed certificates, IBM Navigator for i is not shipped with TLS enabled by default.  Users can configure TLS using the instructions found at this link: IBM Navigator for i - TLS Encryption.
5770-XH2 IBM Access for Web IBM i Access for Web is not supported on IBM i 7.5.

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03 May 2022