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Planning Analytics Workspace with CAM security: either HTTP 404 or blank page or PMHUB errors



Planning Analytics Workspace is configured with Cognos Analytics security (CAM).
When we try to access Workspace, a blank page is displayed, sometimes with just "error, see logs" at the upper-left, or some pmhub errors occur.
When we try to connect through Planning Analytics for Excel, an HTTP 404 "page not found" error occurs.
This message can also appear:
"PMHub service parameter was not specified"
When we trace by using either Fiddler or generating a HAR file (by using the developer's mode of the web browser), then we can see this underlying error message:
"Cannot redirect back to Planning Analytics because the host URL (http://<some_server_name_or_IP>) has not been whitelisted"

Resolving The Problem

Follow this check list:
1) Verify this technical document was correctly followed:
2) Check both the IBMCognosGatewayURL parameter in "<Workspace_path>/config/paw.ps1", and the ClientCAMURI parameter in the tm1s.cfg of the TM1 Server that Workspace is connecting to, then perform these checks in order to determine the way Cognos Analytics is accessed:
-If Cognos Analytics is accessed through a gateway URL (for example by using IIS, like "http://<CAgateway>:80/ibmcognos/bi/v1/disp") then the pmhub.html interoperability file must be placed in "<CA_Gateway_machine>/webcontent/bi/"
-If Cognos Analytics is accessed directly through an application tier or dispatcher (like "http://<CAdispatcher>:9300/bi/v1/disp") then the pmhub.html file must be placed in each "<CA_Dispatcher_machine>/webcontent/"  folder.
3) Verify "pmhub.html" file name is in lowercase only, with no uppercase characters (for example "PMHub.html" would not be found)
4) If a gateway is not used: verify that the "pmhub.html" is accessible by the "IBM Cognos" service account.
5) If a gateway is not used: then, after each modification on "pmhub.html", make sure that "IBM Cognos" service is restarted.
6) If a gateway is used: verify IIS is properly configured to allow read access onto "pmhub.html" for everyone.
7) In "pmhub.html", for the "var pmhubURLs" variable, verify that all possible syntaxes are used for both the Planning Analytics TM1 Application Server URI (TM1 Web or Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services), and the Planning Analytics Workspace URI :
-IP address
-Server short name (NETBIOS)
-Server aliases (if accessed externally by using another public name)
-Server FQDN (like "")
-If Workspace address is using the default ports (80 for http, and 443 for https) then add the URIs with and without specifying these ports.

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Modified date:
18 March 2022