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Planning Analytics SSL Configuration on TM1Web (or any Web Tier components) does not work as expected



After having completed the SSL Configuration for the Planning Analytics Web Tier components, the sites do not work.  The certificates appear valid in the keystore, and all steps had been followed correctly.


When hitting the website (TM1Web for example), the following is returned:
In Google Chrome:
This site can’t be reached localhost unexpectedly closed the connection.
•Checking the connection
•Checking the proxy and the firewall
•Running Windows Network Diagnostics
In Internet Explorer:
Can’t reach this page
•Make sure the web address https://localhost:9510 is correct
•Search for this site on Bing
•Refresh the page


Unsupported Cipher/Encryption Suite being used.

Diagnosing The Problem

Review the <PA_Install_Dir>\logs\tm1_messages.log file.  The following line will be present (or a similar line to the following), should you be facing the same issue resolved by this technote:

FFDC1015I: An FFDC Incident has been created: "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot support SSL_RSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA with currently installed providers 238" at ffdc_19.08.09_11.21.01.0.log
*Note: The cipher in your error may very

Resolving The Problem

The Cipher Suite used by the configured certificates, are not supported by the IBM JRE by default.  To enable stronger encryption types, the Unrestricted SDK JCE policy files must be used.  To enable the Unrestricted SDK JCE policy files with Planning Analytics, perform the following steps:
  1. Stop your IBM Cognos TM1 services (Web Tier services)
  2. Navigate to <PA_Install_Dir>\jre\lib\security\ directory
  3. Edit the file
  4. Find and change the line crypto.policy=limited to crypto.policy=unlimited
  5. Save the file changes
  6. Start your IBM Cognos TM1 services (Web Tier services) and retest

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