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Performance on the Web and PDI - PTF update details



Listed are the PTF enhancement and fix details for Performance on the web (Performance Data Investigator and other performance tools) in the New Navigator listed according to the PTF date in which they were included.


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Initial information on PDI in the new Navigator
Following are the specific enhancements and fixes for "Performance on the web" since the first release in New Navigator in September 2021:

Updates by date:

June 2022

This PTF release brings the following updates to PDI:
  • Launch to Investigate data from a selected job on Active Jobs table - "Waits for one job" will be opened for that selected job
  • New - Select All and Deselect All buttons for PDI legend
  • Allow top contributors value to be changed for queries with "FETCH FIRST".  The perspectives this will affect are those with "for threads and tasks" and "for jobs and tasks" where the results were limited to the top 50 or 100 results.  Now users will be able to modify the result number or view all results if desired.
  • Support for Interval Details has been added back in for Job Watcher collections
  • Requirement for PT1- option 1 and option 3 to have all packages available has been removed.  Job Watcher, Disk Watcher, Database and PEX packages are now available to all users regardless of the install status of 5770-PT1.
  • Start Job Watcher function has been added.  This is an action found from Manage Collections.  Stop is available for active job watcher collections.  Start and Stop Disk Watcher will be made available in the next PTF cycle.
  • Error message will be displayed if the SQL query is too complex.  This can happen when selecting more than 2 collections for the Health Indicators chart - System Resources Health Indicators
Fixes to the following problems:
  • System Information panel was not always refreshed for selected collection
  • Drop-down menu was too small from Investigate Data page at times
Coming next PTF:
  • Function to Define Health Indicators has been restored to the dojo charts
    • This allows you to customize the threshold values for warning and action thresholds used to compare the interval values for health indicators charts
  • Limiting results to 10,000 rows will now be handled with a "Result Rows" field added to the Context panel.  This means when a query results in a large number of result rows, the user can select the segment desired to view instead of having to wait for all rows to be loaded.  This will help in efficient viewing.  Use the filtering capability of perspectives to limit the results to avoid too many result rows.

May 2022

This PTF release brings the following updates to PDI:
  • Breadcrumbs support (view previous charts)
  • Open a PDI perspective chart in a new browser tab
  • Health Indicators package - support for viewing perspectives with multiple collections
    • Note that the System Resources Health Indicators perspectives will only support two (2) simultaneous collections for one query.  This a limitation of Db2 because of the complexity of the query for three or more collections.  This message will appear in the Navigator log file: [SQL0101] SQL statement too long or complex
  • Updates to the perspective path list - more user friendly interaction
  • Launch to Investigate data from Active Jobs list
    • perspective will be opened for - Waits for all jobs for currently active collection
    • Note: Launch to "Waits for one job" will be in the next PTF

February 2022

This PTF release brings the following updates to PDI:
  • Message Monitors are now available, see Message Monitors Overview
  • Graph History - stack by week now available for longer report dates (year)
    • A new selection is available when selecting the stacked-chart view on graph history charts.  If another stacking option is available for the data, it is displayed next to the stacking icon.  The stacking options depend on the Report Dates used for the initial display.
  • Investigate Data page (Perspectives list page)
    • A column is added on the Perspectives list page.  The path for the perspective is shown to allow user to filter by folders and make it easier to search for a specific perspective based on location and path of that perspective.  This feature will continue to be enhanced in the next PTF:
      • Saving selected path in user preferences
      • Getting updates to propagate for all changes of the package
      • Using package name to avoid empty hover bubble on perspective name
    • Multiple views are now listed on the Perspectives list page.  If a perspective has more than one view, each view is shown in the Views column.
  • A scrolling legend is added for graphs that have numerous domains in the legend such as Logical Partitions Overview with many partitions or stacking by week in Graph History with greater than 2 months of data.
  • Exported files:
    • Not all the columns from a query might be exported (only the data shown on chart).  Now all data from the query is included in the exported .csv or .txt file
    • The General Health Indicators thresholds were not included in the exported file.  Now the thresholds are also included in the .csv or .txt files data.
  • Manage Collections additional actions are now available:
    • Create Performance Data
    • Create Historical Data
Fixes to the following problems:
  • Configuration GUI updates for CS configuration:
    • Custom settings fix
    • Problem with error flashes removed
    • Change of default interval not taking effect - requires Database PTF fix.  Refer to PTFs page for required 5770PT1 PTFs for config fix: Navigator for i PTF
  • Connections update.  If QZDASOINIT jobs for user are ended and the user continues to work with PDI, new connections will be created.
  • Fix for time-year issue in Manage Collections.
  • Disk buckets were not showing boundary values.  Tooltips did not show bucket boundaries.  Error caused "Reset" and scroll bar not to display.  The missing data is fixed and disk bucket information is now included on the chart and tooltips.

2021 December

This PTF release brings the following updates to PDI:
  • Manage Collections enhancements:
    • System Time column added
    • Launch to Investigate Data action added
  • Authority for System Monitor - A user with *USE authority in the QPMCCDATA authority list is allowed to view System Monitor entries, but not modify them.
  • Collection Services configuration improvements
  • Enhancement to drop-down list for the library selection field to enable type-search.
Note:  An issue was noticed with Manage Collections at the end of December 2021, where timestamps for collections from the end of December were listed with the year 2022.  The year change is caused by the date format choice used (capital 'Y') instead of lowercase 'y'.  Using the capital 'Y' format causes a week-based-year format to use which can cause dates at the edges of a year to be assigned to the next year.  The issue is described and discussed here:  It is corrected in the next PTF.

2021 November

This PTF release brings the following updates to PDI:
  • System Monitor migration action added
  • System Monitor Summary panel added (for RFE)
  • Manage Collections enhancements:
    • Added Browser time column
    • Rebuild collection table action added

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