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Performance Data Warehouse database does not generate tables or views after the IBM BPM V7.5.0 Fix Pack 1 update



Update Tracking Definitions does not generate expected tables and views in the Performance Data Warehouse database after you apply IBM Business Process Manager Standard Fix Pack 1. Errors are not visible in the standard logs to indicate why the tables and views were not generated.


This issue applies to any IBM Business Process Manager V7.5 environment that is updated with Fix Pack 1 after initial installation.

Diagnosing The Problem

Examine the 00Static.xml file for your Performance Data Warehouse, which is located in the following directory:


Determine whether there is a <automatic-schema-management> configuration flag in the file and whether it is set to <true>.

Resolving The Problem

If you originally created your profiles in IBM Business Process Manager V7.5 and you subsequently apply Fix Pack 1, you must complete the manual steps in the Profile upgrade instructions for V7.5.0 Fix Pack 1 (V7.5.0.1) IBM Business Process Manager product installations with existing profiles technote after Installation Manager has run the update.

As part of these manual steps, the  <automatic-schema-management> configuration flag is added to the 00Static.xml file for the Performance Data Warehouse.

This value should normally be set to <true>.

However, if the configuration flag is missing from 00Static.xml file, the Performance Data Warehouse assumes a value of <false>, which results in apparently successful send definitions. Although errors are not generated in the standard log files, the schema changes to tables and views do not occur.

After you complete the manual steps in the technote, verify that the 00Static.xml file now contains the <automatic-schema-management> configuration tag.

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