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PDF outputs are displayed in a small frame in IBM Cognos Analytics 11



After the upgrade to IBM Cognos Analytics 11 PDF outputs do only show in a very small frame, instead of using all of the available window

Screenshot showing the small PDF viewer


PDF outputs are only displayed in a small frame, and is not using the overall page.


The user profile of the user executing the report is referencing a style (also known as skin) from IBM Cognos Business Intelligence 10


IBM Cognos Analytics 11

Resolving The Problem

Option 1: In Cognos Administration Console change the referenced style for the user profile, to one of IBM Cognos Analytics standard styles.

  1. As Administrator edit the user´s profile in Administration Console
  2. In the Preferences tab, choose Style Corporate.
  3. Select Ok.

Option 2: If using the Business skin is to copy the the viewer directory from <c11>\webcontent\bi\skins\business\ to <c11>\webcontent\skins\business if it does not exist.

Option 3: Copy the skins folder from <c10>\webcontent\skins to <c11>\webcontent\skins and <c11>\webcontent\bi\skins.

A refresh of the browser cache is required after that.

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19 April 2021