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Pausing a dynamic cube using IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Fix Pack 3

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You can pause a dynamic cube to maintain aggregate tables for near real time updates, or to make database configuration changes, such as recycling a database or increasing bufferpools, whilst a dynamic cube is active.


A paused dynamic cube continues running, so that data caches remain valid, but becomes unavailable for queries by report users.

You can pause near real time cubes as well as non-near real time cubes. You can pause source cubes and virtual cubes, but you must pause each cube separately.

Note: You cannot start a virtual cube if its source cube is paused. You also cannot pause a source cube or virtual cube when a dependent virtual cube is running.

The following diagram shows the possible states of a dynamic cube whilst pausing.

Notes: The "pause" state is not currently available in IBM Cognos Administration. When a cube is pausing or paused, the status shows as "Unknown" when using the portal.

When you pause a cube, IBM Cognos Dynamic Cubes cancels all existing queries and prevents any new queries against the cube. It waits for all queries to clear before change the state. If the request times out, an error occurs and the state reverts to "running".

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17 June 2018