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The following issues are fixed in these releases:

Link to APAR descriptionAbstract
JR29244Loading data in Push mode, the DataStage job itself succeeds but the data is not loaded in SAP. The error message in SAP is "BW Load - Critical Failure,no job name for PULL job" (AIX only)
JR30443BW Extract job not processing all records. Found that this is happening when there is an invalid decimal or date.
JR30446Parameter sets cannot be used for parameters in the BW load and extract stages.
JR30711Semaphores for BW jobs are not released after job runs (AIX only)
JR31031When a parallel BW job is reset *.ready and *.started files are not cleaned up.
JR31073Informational message UTF-8 DATA FOUND is displayed for BW load stage.
JR31290Error 'Connection to partner broken' thrown on the SAP front end (BI workbench) for BW PULL Load job.
JR31683PULL mode InfoPackages defined in BW Load stage do not appear for PULL load method.
JR31693After the Open Hub destination selection window is opened, no other dialog or stage UI can be opened.
JR31814After logging out of the DataStage SAP Admin tool, the session management tool thinks it is an unknown process.
JR31966Few customer BW load jobs fail with an error BW Load PACK Resource DLL not compatable with this runtime version.
JR32069RFC server connection issue. Only one session is available at a time.
JR32298SAP BW stage validate should complain if the structure in BW was changed.
JR32337Korean characters are displayed as pound signs (#) in Infopackage tab of BW load stage.
JR32833Validation during Open Hub extraction is too slow.
JR33639Request BW Pack waiting time for InfoHub ready allow set to unlimited.
JR33761Enable parallelism for SAP BW load stage.
JR34100Cannot use parameter values for SAP BW extract.
JR34428Data records are getting lost during a BW extract job against a SAP BI 7 system.
JR34573Request a way to suppress job warnings for date field of "00000000" ("ERROR: Found invalid date 00000000")
JR35055Refreshing the 3rd party parameters on a SAP BW InfoPackage causes the BW Pack RFC server (listener) to crash
JR35985Enhancement request: add custom parameter DSProject to InfoPackage
JR35586BW Load - Critical Failure, no job name for PULL job
JR36836dsrfcd.rc script triggers SIGTERM during shutdown
PROD00129810Misplacement of the Table fields table on "Open Hub Destination" tab in BW EXTRACT - automatic resizing of stage UI to prevent hidden table
PROD00140244BW Extract stage GUI does not open in certain circumstances
PROD00152068Version labeling correction
PROD00155635Load jobs getting aborted on HP-UX B.11.23 PA-RISC ENU platform with error "Validation Failed"
PROD00156762The dssapsup.dll library introduces dependencies between the R/3 pack and BW pack.
PROD00166408Add support for multi-instance client
PROD00172298ObjectServerManager::GetNewObjectServerInstance fails to return Object server instance with error: Confirm UV Session: Intern
PROD00182125RFC listener (aka Source System) no longer listens on SuseX
PROD00184191Misspelling error in DS Director log
PROD00193296Semaphore on Windows has incorrect name
PROD00197505RFC listener (aka Source System) does not connect on Red Hat

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