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Pack for SAP BW Version 4.3.2 known problems

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The following limitations, problems, and workarounds are known for IBM® InfoSphere™ Information Server Pack for SAP BW Version 4.3.2.


  • After selecting a source system, you cannot select an InfoSpoke.
  • Parallel jobs with nodes running in Grid Format (nodes on different host systems) do not function reliably, because this configuration is not supported.
  • When loading empty files, the results are determined by your SAP BW configuration. One packet is always sent by WebSphere® DataStage®.
  • In both the Extract and Load stages, when a job fails with the error Unknown project name, open SAP Administrator, delete the RFC source that the job uses, and create a new RFC connection.
  • When the wait time for an InfoSpoke expires, DataStage starts the job. However, after the requested InfoSpoke finishes processing, the InfoSpoke starts the same DataStage job, even though the job is not scheduled.
  • When a parallel load job is running in true parallel mode, several NULL records can be sent to SAP BW. The architecture of the parallel job engine requires each node running the job to send a "LAST PACKET" indicator to SAP BW. Because parallel jobs provide no advance notice that a node's work is complete, the nodes send a ZERO row packet to SAP BW as the LAST PACKET. SAP BW considers the ZERO row to contain a NULL row.
  • When you upgrade from BW 4.1 Load stage to BW 4.2 Load stage, the InfoPackage is not retained.
  • You cannot run two Infopackages that use the same source system and Infosource.
  • When you change a source system ID by using the SAP Administrator, the change is not reflected in the BW Load stage or Extract stage.
  • The DataStage Pack for SAP BW does not support multibyte metadata.

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