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The new IBM Active Energy Manager (AEM) power distribution units (PDU) make it quick and simple to deploy, protect, and manage your high availability IBM System x and BladeCenter rack environment.

IBM AEM PDUs come in both a space efficient power dense 1U design, with 9 IEC-320-C19 (16A) and 3 IEC-320-C13 (10A) or 12 IEC-320-C13 (10 A) receptacle models, and Zero U full rack form factors with 24 IEC-320-C13 receptacles. These models are equipped to meet the requirements of your most power-demanding and highest availability systems with single-phase 30A, 32A, 60A, 63A and three-phase 16 A, 30 A, 32 A and 60 A solutions available.

IBM AEM models also combine receptacle density with advanced intelligent power management capabilities that seamlessly integrates with IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager. IBM AEM PDU models move beyond monitoring solely the incoming power of the PDU, reaching down to each individual receptacle to monitor the status of your mission critical

When installed in a IBM System x and BladeCenter rack cabinet, AEM PDU Models are designed to collect energy usage information on attached rack-mount products, and report the information to IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager over an attached customer-provided LAN. Using AEM PDU Models and IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager, you can gain a more complete view of energy used within the datacenter.

Active Energy Manager is an extension to IBM Director and is designed to provide simplified management of power consumption across multiple IBM systems. A version of Active Energy Manager is available for IBM System x and BladeCenter systems. The Active Energy Manager offering has both no-charge (free) monitoring functions and optional chargeable (fee-based) management functions. Active Energy Manager monitoring functions are available at no charge. Monitoring functions include power trending, thermal trending and intelligent PDU support. Fee based Management functions include power capping and power savings mode.

IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager measures, monitors, and manages the energy management components built into IBM systems while enabling a cross-platform management solution. It also provides a source of energy management data that can be exploited by Tivoli enterprise solutions such as IBM Tivoli Monitoring and IBM Tivoli Usage and Accounting Manager.

IBM AEM PDUs also come with switched receptacles for additional intelligent power management capabilities. Switched receptacles provide on, off, reboot, off delayed, and reboot delayed functionality to allow for power sequencing and to help prevent unintended over loading. These units come with receptacle indicator lights to display status or in the Zero U three-phase models LED displays for intuitive at the rack load balancing.

At a glance

IBM 0U 24 C13 Active Energy Manager PDU models

  • Zero U Full Rack Strip Form Factors with 24 IEC-320-C13 receptacles
  • 43V6108 IBM 0U 24 C13 Active Energy Manager 16 A and 43V6109 30 A three-phase fixed line cord PDU offerings

IBM 1U Active Energy Manager PDU models

  • 1U Rack Dense design with input cable connection, primary outlets, communication connections, and breakers on one face to improve usability and cable management
  • 46M4004 and 46M4005 1U 12 C13 AEM DPI PDU models have 12 IEC-320-C13 (10 A) receptacles on front panel
  • 46M4002 and 46M4003 1U 9 C19/3 C13 AEM DPI PDU have 9 IEC-320-C19 (16 A) receptacles on front panel and 3 IEC-320-C13 (10 A) receptacles on rear panel

Key prerequisites

These PDUs must be connected to a properly installed, region-specific, appropriate wall outlet.

Parts information
Description Marketing part number Replacement part number (CRU)
IBM 0U 24 C13 Active Energy Manager 16 A three-phase PDU 43V6108 43V6112
IBM 0U 24 C13 Active Energy Manager 30 A three-phase PDU 43V6109 43V6113
IBM 1U 9 C19/3 C13 Active Energy Manager DPI PDU 46M4002 46M4014
IBM 1U 9 C19/3 C13 Active Energy Manager 60 A three-phase PDU 46M4003 46M4015
IBM 1U 12 C13 Active Energy Manager DPI PDU 46M4004 46M4016
IBM 1U 12 C13 Active Energy Manager 60 A three-phase PDU 46M4005 46M4017
IBM DPI 30 A Cord (NEMA L6-30P) 40K9614 39M5430
IBM DPI 60 A Cord (IEC 309 2P+G) 40K9615 39M5431
IBM DPI 32 A Cord (IEC 309 P+N+G) 40K9612 39M5428
IBM DPI 63 A Cord (IEC 309 P+N+G) 40K9613 39M5429
IBM DPI 32 A Cord (IEC 309 3P+N+G) 40K9611 39M5427
DPI PDU+ Australian/NZ Cord 40K9617 39M5433
DPI PDU+ Korean Line Cord 40K9618 39M5434

Hardware requirements

The Active Energy Manager PDU products are supported on the following IBM systems:

  • System x, all types, all models
  • BladeCenter chassis, all types, all models

For latest compatibility information, visit the ServerProven website at

Software requirements


Physical specifications

Active Energy Manager PDUs: Enclosure dimensions and weights do not include the following:

  • Projecting outlets
  • Screws
  • Breaker
  • The attached power cord


  • Approximate height: 42 mm / 1.65 inch
  • Approximate width: 442.9mm / 17.4 inch
  • Approximate depth: 355.6 mm / 14 inch
  • Approximate weights: 5.6 kg / 12.3 lb


  • Approximate height: 1,600 mm / 63 inch
  • Approximate width: 60.5 mm / 2.38 inch
  • Approximate depth: 70.6 mm Max / 2.78 inch Max
  • Approximate weights: 6.7 kg / 14.75 lb kg

Power requirements

Voltage Ratings: Maximum Power Rating:

  • 220-240 V ac, single-phase, 7680 VA
  • 200-208 V ac, single-phase, 9984 VA
  • 200-208 V ac, 30 A, three-phase 8563 VA
  • 220-240 V ac, 16 A, three-phase 11570 VA
  • 220-240 V ac, 60 A, three-phase 17285 VA

Power Outlets:

  • Two IEC 320-C19 outlets rated at 16 A (VDE)/20 A (UL/CSA)
  • Six IEC 320-C13 outlets rated at 16 A/30 A (VDE)/60 A (UL/CSA)

Operating environment


  • Temperature: 10 to 60 degrees Celsius (50 to 140 Fahrenheit)
  • Relative humidity: 8% to 80% (non-condensing)


  • Temperature: 10 to 55 degrees Celsius (50 to 131 Fahrenheit)
  • Relative humidity: 8% to 80% (non-condensing)

Agency approvals
  • UL-60950-1
  • cUL/CSA
  • UL-S and AR
  • CE
  • Nom-018
  • GOST
  • CB Certificate and CB Test Report
  • FCC-A
  • Canada ICES-003
  • C-TICK
  • VCCI-1
  • KCC

Energy Star Compliant? No

Note: The Energy Star emblem does not represent EPA endorsement of any product or service.

  • Field Installable Yes
  • Customer Setup Yes
  • Warranty Period 3 years.
  • Service Type (IOR/IOE/CCE/CCR) CRU.

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