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OSLC provisional key can only be authorized from a single server in a load balanced system



When establishing a friendship from an OSLC consumer to a load balanced ClearQuest provider, the provisional key is saved in memory until authorized. For load balanced ClearQuest systems, the key can be authorized only from the server instance where the provisional key resides in memory.

Resolving The Problem

When configuring new OSLC friends, most consumers provide a link that allows administrators to grant access for the provisional key from the OSLC consumer itself. Using this technique to authorize the provisional key avoids challenges of granting access for the provisional key from the correct server in a load balanced ClearQuest system.

If a consumer key is created but not authorized in a load balanced ClearQuest system, you can do the following:

  1. Make note of the OAuth Consumer key that was created when the OSLC friendship was established. You must also know the OAuth secret that was entered when creating the friendship.
  2. Log on to the associated ClearQuest Web server using a user id with super user privileges.
  3. Click Site Administration -> OAuth Consumer Management to open a dialog for managing OAuth consumer keys.
  4. Check the Provisional Keys section of the dialog to see if the consumer key is present on the connected server:
    • If the key is present, select Approved from the drop down list in the right portion of the row.
    • If the provisional key was not present, use the Register Consumer section of the dialog to manually supply the settings for the consumer key. Click Register when settings are correctly entered.

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Modified date:
16 June 2018