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OS X Gatekeeper prevents the Installation Manager installation kit from starting



Apple has added a new feature, which is called Gatekeeper, to these OS X versions: Mavericks (10.9), Mountain Lion (10.8), and Lion (10.7). This feature is enabled by default and it prevents applications that are not downloaded from the Mac App Store from starting. Launching such application results in an error.


Gatekeeper is a Mac OS X feature added since version 10.8 (Mountain Lion).

Gatekeeper disables applications downloaded from Internet in order to protect users from potentially malicious code. This could lead to issues with Installation Manager(IM) and Packaging Utility(PU) zips downloaded on a Mac OS X system. The following error could be seen at launch time:

"'' is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the Trash."

If the Gatekeeper default preferences are changed to allow applications downloaded from Internet, another error could be seen since Mac OS X 10.12 Sierra. The error could read:

o The 'Install' executable launcher was unable to locate its companion shared library.

This error is caused by new Gatekeeper security enhancements added in version Mac OS X 10.12 Sierra.

Resolving The Problem


To work around the IM/PU issues caused by Gatekeeper do the following:

1. Open a Terminal window

2. Execute the following command:

xattr -c <Path to the IM/PU zip file>

3. Unzip the IM or PU zip and proceed as usual.

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25 October 2021