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Order to restart Cognos Analytics servers in a distributed environment

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What is the order to restart Cognos Analytics servers in a distributed environment?


Restarting the content store database server is not required but it does need to be up and running for the content manager to connect to it.

Stopping the servers:

  1. Gateway (if not a pure gateway server and has a dispatcher installed)
  2. Dispatchers (includes Planning Application and Job Servers)
  3. Secondary Content Managers (if applicable)
  4. Primary Content Manager

Restarting the servers, this is the same as above but in the reverse order:

  1. Primary Content Manager
  2. Secondary Content Managers (if applicable)
  3. Dispatchers (includes Planning Job and Application Servers)
  4. Gateway

Client machines with Framework Manager, Transformer, PowerPlay, Planning Analyst etc do not need to be restarted.

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15 June 2018