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OpenPages GRC Platform 7.4 and 8.0 Fix List

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A comprehensive list of defect corrections for major releases, refresh packs and fix packs of OpenPages GRC Platform 7.4 and OpenPages GRC Platform 8.0.

PLEASE NOTE: As of IBM OpenPages GRC Platform 8.0 FP1 (renumbered from to all later fix packs and interim fixes will be numbered as 8.0.0.x.x

Details of the APARs listed below can be accessed by clicking the link for the APAR number. If you have questions about a particular defect, please contact Customer Support.


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Issues corrected in IBM OpenPages GRC Platform 7.4

(*) Updated since the fix list was initially published.
Number Description
PI09905* [Documentation update] Current OpenPages Rename/Move Command Line Utility / Documentation Could Lead to Data/Security Corruption
PI24082 Starting with release 7.4 OpenPages supports custom profile names
PI25574 Custom Security menu item appears in Administration menu for users without access to it
PI26866 Date selector pop-ups show incorrect year
PI28072 Multi-user field change history showing the system value, not honoring the display name setting
PI29844 Cannot run Cognos Workspace from OpenPages UI
PI37902 Long field name causes field selector to go off screen, making the field unselectable and not displaying the selection criteria
PI39268 Launching Cognos workspace from OpenPages UI does not display correctly
PI39434 SOXDocument Filter views on Home Page displays OP-00024 error when switching to Active Reporting Period
PI41650 Cognos report images are not displayed in Reporting Fragment
PI49335 The script fails if multiple version of Java are installed
PI51323 Session log contains some failed messages even after OpenPages install completes
PI64613 [Tech Note]OpenPages 7.0.0 GRC REST API returns 403 status code after install or upgrade
PI65207 Permissions denied to users in Activity View when domain contains extra spaces
PI68620 OpenPages install fails when attempting to install multiple Cognos servers for OpenPages
PI69422* [Documentation update] "SSL for OpenPages GRC Platform environments" is updated in Administrator's Guide
PI69621 Getting unwanted email from [email protected] on creation of QuestionnaireAssessment
PI69802 SAXParseException error is logged in SystemOut.log when starting OpenPages server
PI70244 Existing filter criteria will not work correctly if the display type of the actor field is changed in the profiles
PI71134 Server error message should not show server information
PI71494 User Selector minimum access different in Add New Wizard and Edit screen
PI72298 CrossTrack Reports do not work in Chrome
PI72683 Detail Reports will not be able to cross-track back to OpenPages in Chrome
PI73307 Having any URI reserved character e.g "@" as part of Solr's password will break global search
PI74868 Audit Deviation Report prompt displays ResourceID instead of Audit names
PI76258 Advanced Filtering on date fields returns zero results if start date is set to 80 years or more relative to current date
PI78000 Reporting period is missing if the create process for the label failed first and then succeeded
PI78763 Using Administration Timesheet Entry, the select user does not disappear as expected when 'openpages' is removed from URL
PI80133 Comparison Helper is not showing changes when there is a line return at end of the section
PI80208 Comparison Helper is not showing changes when there is an extra space after a comma
PI80692 Cannot run saved output of Cognos Active report from Cognos Connection when accessed via OpenPages
PI81186 Installing in a mixed Linux/Windows environment with DB2 fails validation
PI81428 If the client has a logon trigger that sets the CLIENT_IDENTIFIER via DBMS_SESSION then SAM mode will not work (Oracle Only)
PI81437 Changing expired password with IE11 compatibility mode on, results in no change
PI81470 Fix Pack install may fail in Cognos load balanced environment
PI83125 If a field label in the current locale contains a “,” comma, then it cannot be added to a Field Level Security Rule for that field
PI83354 OpenPages Installer is incorrectly identifying ports as being used
PI83971* [Documentation update] "The data exported to a workbook by FastMap" section is updated in Administrator's guide
PI84410 Dependent field does not appear on Approval App
PI85925 Poor performance of bundlelist query when an FLS rule is enabled
PI86168 "Copy from Previous Assessment" feature is not working when using a copied Questionnaire Template
PI86224* [Documentation update]Updated the Administrator's Guide with steps about how to update the global search settings after refreshing a test environment
PI86364 Improper security rule syntax being generated when combining hierarchy walk with another clause
Note: If your application has security rules that are impacted, you will need to edit and re-save the impacted rules.
PI86780* [Documentation update]"Dependent field behavior" section updated in Administrator's Guide
PI86839 Configuration of email attributes in the GRC Trigger does not work as expected for creation of Questionnaire Assessments
PI86912 Notification email sent to the Action Item assignee contains inactive/incorrect URL to the Action Item
PI87017 The Post Installation Tasks Section of the Installation Guide is not clear
PI87025 In the Approval App, JavaScript error occurs and related content section is empty when no child object types are included in the view
PI87056 Username display format is not honored in the Approval App
PI87075 Approval App throws generic error in the UI instead of the error message defined in Triggers
PI87178 Updated Install guide with steps for how to prepare for, and perform a rollback of an OpenPages deployment
PI87185 Updated PCM Word Import Trigger
PI87233 Fastmap delete fails with a null error if the registry setting for Cascade Delete to Included Object Types is empty
PI87335 Currency field set to Turkish Lira (TRY currency code) was not allowing decimal values
PI87358 Not able to configure the due date in Approval App to be another date field
PI87554 The out of box Trigger 'ActionItemLifeCycleTriggerOnCreate' throws error message when creating a folder from ‘Folder View’
PI87871 Fields disappear from the Approval App object detail cards when a Required or Editable dependency is defined
PI87900* [Documentation update] Administrator's guide updated to describe a known issue, the business entity selector field does not get updated when the name of the chosen Business Entity is updated in the UI
PI88061 Creating or updating an object via the API which sets currency field values to null results in an unexpected NullPointerException
Note: Please refer to the GRC API JavaDocs for more details
PI88518 When the Object view is modified in the Approval App profile to show files under the principal object, two files sections are shown
PI88570 Performance of OP_OBJ_HIERARCHY_MGR.GET_DESCENDANTS can be poor with some Object Type deployments in DB2
PI88689 Public API to rename an Object, does not update folder name for self contained objects
PI89059 Unable to disable a user or associate a group even though you are a superuser
PI89777 Add New wizard cannot associate an Object as a secondary parent if the Object cannot be primary parent
PI89792 Garbled output in the browser with Natural Language Classifiers when the Compression Enabled setting is true
PI90452 User Selector with display type settings includeDisabled performs very slow with a starting group
PI90723 Email notification is not sent when an assignee is changed and 'Update Assignee' field is selected before the configurable lifecycle process has begun
PI91202 Filtered List View fails to load if a field dependency controller field has an invalid default value
PI91965 Dependent Field doesn’t work well when Display Type is Business Entity Selector
PI92218 NullPointerException is thrown and the OpenPages detail view is inaccessible when Field Level security is enabled and instance data includes fields that are not part of Object Type schema
PI93803 Dependent Fields do not work if positioned after a dependent field with Display Type Business Entity Selector
Note: See related APAR PI91965
PI96060* DojoNlsServletFilter Errors in log files after upgrading to OpenPages 7.3
PI99300* Versions view is missing from the Detail Viewof the File attachment (SOXDocument) object type
PM58253 Framework Generation no longer requires parameters for user and password in the file
PM82254 [Tech Note]RT table naming convention for relationship tables is inconsistent between deployments
Issues corrected in IBM OpenPages GRC Platform 7.4 IF1
Other Fixes
On Windows servers in certain locales, the disk space check performed by the installer returns the wrong result causing validation to fail for the server
Issues corrected in IBM OpenPages GRC Platform 8.0 FP1 which is the first 7.4 fix pack (renumbered from to
Number Description
PI40449 Integer fields accept alphanumeric values unless it is first character
PI59358 ObjectManager load of Actor Object Profile Associations performance degrades and even fails with large numbers of users
PI69716 Questionnaires Assessment lifecycle doesn’t honor Completion Required setting
PI85066 Export Migration on Profiles does not export all the registry entries required for Auto Naming
PI85274 Cannot copy objects from Library (Entity) where user has ‘Read Only’ access to objects
PI85296 Create ResourceLink helper does not run if user does not have access to root level security domain
PI85320 Profile export includes object type references to objects not in profile
PI85792 RCM Theme Deployer and Configuration tool throwing errors
PI86326 Associated SOXTestResult Objects are not being copied
PI86685 [Documentation update]Due Dates becomes blank in the issue, when Request for Due Date change is granted
PI86800 Issue Status is not changed to closed when request for closure is approved.
PI87339 KRI Creation Utility fails to create child KRI value objects when Threshold values are greater than 7 digits to left of decimal point
PI89653 Query service for multi-enum fields is not restricted to current reporting period
PI92921 The Allowed Browsers administration setting does not block out Microsoft Edge without also blocking Google Chrome
PI93034 Adding new fields with read-only field level security enabled displayed as editable in Grid views when viewed by a non-administrative user
PI93399 [Documentation update]Administrator's guide has been updated with more information for "Lock and unlock objects" and "Configure the Lock and Unlock application permissions"
PI93647 Policy Compare Helper is not showing changes with copying html source code
PI94113 [Documentation update]Documentation regarding Grid/Activity Views and what child/descendants are displayed needs to be updated
PI94126 Questionnaire launch fails due to hidden dependent picklist ordering
PI94392 Add subsystem field exclusion capability for reporting schema
PI95958  Reports that are set up to pass parameters, executed from a workflow TaskNode will fail to run on Chrome

Notification Manager fails when Restricting Browser setting is enabled

Issues corrected in IBM OpenPages GRC Platform 8.0 FP2
Number Description
PH00460 NullpointerException in Global Search during Sync Index operation for file types
PH00522 [Documentation update] Ambiguity regarding Lock permissions in Questionnaires
PH00550 [Documentation update] Install guide needs to be more specific about setting the JAVA_HOME environment variable for app servers and reporting servers
PH00632 Configuration export is missing to export read/update permission for FLS rules on certain object types
PH01318 Default value of Enumerated field is saved instead of the value defined in Dependent Picklist
PH01340 On demand rich text field displays multiple extra empty lines when created before a table
PH01506 [Documentation update] Documentation of API function isSingleParent confusing
PH01806 Unable to access the IBM BPM Process Portal and Process Center URL from OpenPages if the username contains '@'
PH02808 [Documentation update] Config.log contains error after app data upgrade completed successfully
PH02821 Database validation is failed when openpages-storage is set to a long path on Linux OS
PH02822 [Documentation update] In version 7.4 and later, all application servers use the same path for OP_HOME
PH02965 Screen for answers of a questionnaire assessment complains that registry was saved by another user, when  a POST trigger is configured for the questionnaire assessment
PH03350 Additional permissions are required to associate an Object by recently used Tab
PH03530 [Documentation update] Excluding fields from Reporting Schema doesn’t allow a Select * operation to complete successfully
PH03612 File upload on IE11 compatibility mode errors or hangs
PH04107 JSON creation fails when creating a view from detail page with Primary Association Path
PH04381 Computed field requests from detail page send wrong header
PH04525 Unable to delete files from Questionnaire
PH05175 Enter key in Add New Wizard produces SPACE instead of CARRIAGE RETURN (IE11 only)
PH05952 Creation process hangs in New Task Focused UI when “System Fields:Name” is included inside Group node in JSON
PI59326 Unable to type user name on Login Page without mouse clicking in user name field first
PI86629 Associate child object fails in OpenPages Version 7.3 if parent has single quote in name
PI94360 Lifecycle dropdown not responding in Approval App
PI95346 Lifecycle emails not working properly for Multi users and Groups
PI96692 If exportActorDisplayName is set to TRUE, empty user fields are incorrectly populated
PI97468 Risk Eval 'Status' sets to 'Awaiting Assessment' post RCSA Completion
PI97731 IBM BPM 8.5.7 Cumulative Fix 2017.06 or later does not work with the existing OpenPages Custom Portal Page that is part of the OpenPages Platform toolkit.
PI97995 Approval Status of Risk Assessment reverting to Awaiting Approval
PI98109 Performance issue : Timesheet takes long to load
PI98983 ProcessManager Java object is currently hardcoded to 10.000 rows of output
PI98984 Algorithm that produces column prefix for an object type can fail if too many objects start with the same letter
PI98985 Unable to create a 'Creation View' in Portuguese
PI99284 Add New Wizard > Object Types Disabled” impacts Global Search
PI99299 Spacing formatting inconsistent in rich text field between edit and view modes
PI99301 Accessing /ajax URL in OpenPages reveals a stack trace error to the user
PI99724 API function getRelativePath returns truncated results for folders containing a period in the name
PI99785 BPM Integration service does not allow to set an enum field to blank
Issues corrected in IBM OpenPages GRC Platform 8.0 FP3
(*) Updated since the fix list was initially published.
Number Description
PH01931 TDI Assembly line not creating secondary parent relationships between Requirements and Mandates/SubMandates
PH04988 Task Focused UI enumerated string field display HTML code instead of symbol character
PH06430  Task Focused UI view selection rule does not work correctly when Multi-valued selector user is used
PH06473 [API changes] Hard delete API failing for soft-deleted objects 
PH06504 Exception in ObjectManager loader during app permission loading
PH06514 Creation view does not show field default value when it is inside a group definition in the JSON 
PH06515 Watson NLC authentication requires changes
PH06775 Filtering on Multi-user select fields return incorrect results 
PH06958 [API changes] Moving Business Entity via REST API does not change Security Domains
PH07138 The child object title is not clear and visible in Activity view 
PH07316 Task focused UI JSON editor allows name labels under object fields, but it prevents the view to publish
PH07351 Task Focused UI Grid view filter count does not honor security
PH07646 Query Service causes error creating a query where the RESOURCE object is the child
PH07653 [API changes] Anonymization API gives error when used with an object that has been deleted in the current reporting period
PH07656 [API changes] API method getParentFolder() always uses the current reporting period does not consider the reporting period from which the IGRCObject is read
PH07666 [Documentation update] Update SSL configuration using IBM Console Web Application section in Admin Guide
PH07810* Changing expired password without access to Standard UI results in no changes
PH07837 The entity Move/Rename utility causes security issues when name includes a period
PH07987 Loss Event Dashboard not display the status of Loss Event Lifecycle
PH08076 GRC Workflow is not saving and cannot be published on Oracle RAC environment
PH08153 SOXIssue views are unusable, it is published with no title and JSON
PH08221 Loss Event Entry App pre-filled parent business entity from URL is not working 
PH08393 [Documentation update] Updated the SSL socket factory providers 
PH08465 [Documentation update] SSL setup for OpenPages GRC platform 
PH08495 Task view is rendering the error page where it should not
PH08549  When mixed mode SSO is enabled, native OpenPages authentication users cannot change their password
PH08647  PolicyHelper is unable to save policy fields containing large amounts of text
PH08749  [Documentation update] Knowledge Center appears to be missing guidance for custom actions for native workflow feature
PH09001  Chart Legend should not show hidden Enum's if no data
PH09053  Policy create/edit  Rich Text Editor loses indentation, bullets turned to numbers after saving
PH09061  [Documentation update] Added documentation on how to configure the Task Focused UI Primary menu
PH09183  Several new currencies are available to select but not enabled 
PH09277  Watson classifier authentication method no longer compatible with OpenPages
PH09350 Auto-naming does not work for the Task Focused UI on copied objects 
PH09359  Failed to create Reporting Schema when using non-default db schema
PH09393  System allows user to disable System Admin Mode (SAM) when Field level encryption is performing encrypt/decrypt operations, leading to failure and inconsistent data
PH09422 [Documentation update] Loss Event Entry App keep directed to due to Loss Event User password expire
PH09459 Error message not clear in Task Focused UI and does not provide clean widgets to recover from the error. This is similar to PH08495
PH09652 Certain functionality such as timesheet may experience performance issue on a large scale deployment of OpenPages on DB2
PH09779 Rules are not working with End User actor controllers in Task Focused UI
PH09790 The object text for a public filter in the Task Focused UI only display EN_US locale, user locale setting is ignored  
PH09801 When copy operation takes longer and transaction is timed out, you no longer can enable SAM until the server restart
PH09983 [Documentation update]  Added documentation that Task Focused UI rules does not apply to fields in the header 
PH10095* Field Dependency controller field cannot be removed from View JSON
Note: Problem may occur when JSON editor is used alone. Switching to the Design or Preview tabs will fix the issue for the editing session.
PH10227 Failed to start workflow when a custom trigger tries to retrieve user info
PH10361 Minimum access on user selector does not work on Task view
PH10409 Access is Denied Error when uploading file through IE Compatibility Mode
PH10627 [Documentation update] Updated the software prerequisites section in the Installation Guide
PH10794 Rich text fields in Task focused UI can't be edited multiple times in IE
PH11070 [Documentation update] Updated the Administrator's Guide to clarify the Java version that is required for OPX
PH11195 Deleting sortFieldName allows the JSON to be published
PH11654* Folder Path filter not applied to relationship fields in creation view
PH11790* Reporting Framework Generation is failed when the user who kicks in the framework regeneration logs out of the application
PI79021  If a policy section ends with a table aligned left, the section heading appears directly to the right of the table rather on its own line
PI79805  If RCSA process is run again, the Risk Assessment status changes from approved to awaiting  
PI88703  RAEval and RiskEval have incorrect status after running the RCSA Completion Helper
Other Fixes
Number Description
1 Docker Cheat Sheet for integration with IBM BPM is pointing to old version of the OpenPages Knowledge Center
2 Tables in on demand rich text fields in the Task focused UI may not display with all of the formatting available in the Standard UI. No data is lost and this is a cosmetic issue only
3 GRC Workflow Admin, Internet Explorer Only: 'Delete' key cannot remove a Stage or Action
4 In the Task Focused UI with or without GRC workflow, when filtering on user/actor fields, if the Actor field is configured as a Multi-user selector, the filtering does not correctly find the user. Filtering works correctly for all other Actor display types
5 In the Task Focused UI with GRC workflows, the "now" point in the chart may be off by one interval if the browser date/time is different from the server date/time
6 GRC Workflow: Object Profiles for users who administer workflows or who will use the Task Focused UI with workflows should have access to all objects defined in the workflows including the related objects. If you don't have access to the objects you may see an error message or you may not be able to administer the workflow
7 GRC Workflow: Object profiles for users who administer workflows must include access to all fields that maybe used in the workflow definition, including task overrides, related objects etc. If the user's profile does not include access to fields in the workflow definition, the user may see empty fields in the workflow property page
8 Task Focused UI: An integer or decimal field will not allow a value of 0 (even when it's valid) in a task or creation view if that field is required by a field dependency on the object
9 User provisioning: Force password reset causes an error
10 GRC Workflow: Setting assignee based on a field which is populated by a transition does not work
Issues corrected in IBM OpenPages GRC Platform IF2
Number Description
PH13225 Slow performance loading Fastmap Data using an external or lookup key configuration
PH14180 Refreshing OpenPages Home page occasionally throws OP-00002 error when report tab is selected
PH15401 Attempting to associate a parent fails when FLS rule is enabled and fields are excluded from the schema
PH16026 In the Task Focused UI, associations may be lost if the relationship field has multiple pages or is filtered
PH16411 In the Task Focused UI, when using SSO, the session immediately expires when you switch profile
PH17260 In the Task Focused UI, search in grid view returns matches on the object’s path
PH17261 In the Task Focused UI, text fades after clicking on the ‘more’ link on fields with large amounts of text
Other Fixes
Number Description
1 Security Updates
Issues corrected in IBM OpenPages GRC Platform IF7
Number Description
PH07912 OpenPagesSecurity Provider search API is updated for self
PH12510 Incorrect date value shown in date field after using Bulk Update functionality on Filtered List View
PH22830 Server can crash if user repeatedly switches between Filtered List View and Object View using breadcrumbs
PH22864 Extra dependency on LCTransition ignored in Standard UI
PH23103 In the Task Focused UI, associations are lost when relationship field has a filter on it in the view design
PH24421 Filter does not run when user clicks on a filtered list from the homepage that redirects to the Filtered List View
Other Fixes
Number Description
1 Security Updates

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