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This is an automated response.
Automatic Reply - You are receiving this notice because we would like to understand your issue via our ticketing system.
Please submit a ticket by going to our IBM Customer Success Portal: or by sending an email to and a ticket will be opened for you automatically. If you already have a ticket open for your issue you need to either log into the portal to update that ticket or reply to the email that contains the ticket number in the subject line so that the ticket will be updated with your new information/questions.
When submitting a ticket to the portal it is important that you supply us with detailed information regarding your question or issue. For example provide an explanation of the issue and include GTINs effected/ File Name / Date &Time Submitted / status of item in publication report.
If you have been locked out of your HSDS account please submit a ticket through the portal or by sending an email to and a ticket will be opened for you automatically.
We appreciate your cooperation as we can more effectively resolve your issues with this method.
Thank you
IBM Data Sync Support
This is an automated response.

Please copy and paste the information below into a new email using this email address this will open a ticket for you and I can process the ticket.

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02 November 2020