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This document outlines the options for acquiring open source support on IBM i


Open Source Support Beyond the Contents of this Document

This document is intended to provide information on obtaining support for open source software delivered by IBM® or third parties in standard formats such as RPMs and language-specific packages. The following list includes some support options outside the scope of this document:
  • Support for 5733-SC1 (OpenSSL and OpenSSH), 5770-DG1 (Apache HTTP Server and XMLService), and 5770-JV1 (Java) is included as part of IBM i software maintenance agreements. However, note, support is confined by software lifecycle schedules dictated by the respective open source communities.
  • There is no support for 5733-OPS
  • PHP support is available from Zend and Seiden Group. For more information, see: How to get support for PHP ibm_db or pdo_ibm PHP extensions
    In addition:

    Support for Open Source Software on IBM i

    Information on how to install open source packages can be found at
    As part of IBM i software maintenance agreement (SWMA), IBM® supports the installation of IBM-delivered RPM packages. This support includes software download assistance or surrounding tools such as Access Client Solutions. This does not include actual usage or defect support of these packages.
    When installed, support for open source packages is available through the following means:
    1. Community Support
    2. IBM® TSS (Technology Support Services)

    Option 1: Community Support

    Defects can be raised on community channels such as GitHub. Often, issues can be raised to the specific open source project for which you have questions or concerns. For IBM i-specific assistance, you can request community support from our general issue tracker.
    There, issues are often monitored by IBM®. Here, you might get direct assistance or be redirected to the correct open source community page for further assistance.
    Note, IBM provides some level of free community support for important integration pieces, including:
    Node.js packages:
    Python packages:
    • itoolkit
    • ibm_db (installed with yum, no support for sqlalchemy or django adapters)

    Option 2: IBM® TSS (Technology Support Services)

    A large percentage of open source issues originates from either a lack of product knowledge or some environmental/setup/configuration issue. IBM® Technology Support Services is structured to aid at any stage of the software development lifecycle. Coverage includes help with usage, diagnostics, configuration, installation, compatibility, and interoperability.
    IBM TSS support is a global offering, now available for over 200 open source packages. With this offering, you can get support for open source on multiple operating systems with a single point of contact. The complete Supported Product List (SPL) for the United States is available here. Supported product lists for other regions are available directly through your Business Partner, Account Representative, or TSS Representative. This offering is available for multiple operating systems, so not everything in the complete list (above) can be supported on IBM i. The list below itemizes some of the packages for which you can receive support on IBM i.
    Note the following restrictions related to this support offering:
    • Support is not available for the obsolete 5733-OPS product
    • Support is only available for IBM i releases in standard support. It is not available for releases in extended support.
    • Support might not be available for older versions of open source packages no longer supported by the underlying community
    • Support is only available for open source software running in PASE. ILE open source ports are not supported.
    The following products can be supported on IBM i. Please note that this list is updated regularly and might not be exhaustive. Packages listed here may be subject to special bid limitations. For packages not listed here, please discuss with your seller. We may be able to add support or offer a special bid to fit your needs:
    • ActiveMQ
    • Ansible
    • Apache Ant
    • Apache Camel
    • Apache Commons
    • Apache Kafka
    • Apache Maven
    • Apache Tomcat
    • Apigility
    • Curl
    • Drupal
    • Eclipse Jetty
    • Git
    • GNU Make
    • GNU awk (gawk)
    • GNU wget
    • Jenkins
    • Joomla
    • Loopback
    • Nginx
    • Node.js
    • PCRE
    • PHP
    • Perl
    • Python
    • R
    • Redis
    • Rsync
    • Spring
    • Vim
    • WildFly
    • Wordpress
    • Zookeeper
    IDC study on IBM's open source support
    A January 2021 IDC study showed the business benefits of IBM's open source support offering. Some resources are available here:
    image 8295
    Obtaining Support from TSS
    If you have purchased this TSS open source support and are opening a new Case through the Support Portal, make sure that you are selecting "Product manufacturer = Open Source", and then the "Product" would be the open source technology like Python, Node.js, or Git.  Here is an example of what that would look like for Apache Tomcat:
    image 4628
    If you have an open IBM i support case for an issue and also have TSS open source support, inform the representatives that you have TSS open source support. They can route your current case to, or collaborate with, the TSS open source support team.
    Additional Information
    From this page, you can register for a webinar or even schedule a free consultation from a specialist!
    If you still have questions, feel free to contact the following people:
    • Camilla Sharpe:
    • Jesse Gorzinski:

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