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This document provides information on how to obtain the IBM i Access Client Solutions Product.

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This document provides information on how to obtain the IBM i Access Client Solutions Product.

The IBM i Access Client Solutions product consists of three parts: The base package, the Windows application package and the Linux application package.

The base package is a java-based, platform independent client that provides the graphical interfaces to IBM i with an emulator, console, data transfer, run SQL scripts, spooled file download and IFS support.

The Windows application package provides the ODBC driver, OLEDB provider, ADO.Net provider, ActiveX COM components and most of the API support that was in the IBM i Access for Windows product (APIs for parts of the client that no longer exist have been removed for example PC5250 EHLAPPI and the cwbun* APIs for System i Navigator).

The Linux application package provides an ODBC driver for Linux

Obtaining the IBM i Access Client Solutions base package

Note: Beginning in June 2018 an English only version of the Windows and Linux application packages are available on the download location off of the IBM i Access Client Solutions web site. If you are looking for the full Windows or Linux application packages please skip to the 'Obtaining application packages' section below.

The preferred method of obtaining the base package is to go to the IBM i Access Client Solutions web site:

From there, click on the link to Download IBM i Access Client Solutions base package and sign on with an registered IBM ID, which would be the same ID used to log into the IBM Fix Central web site. After signing on, the IBM i Access Client Solutions download site will show the account's Business Contact Information and Privacy settings. Scrolling down the IBM i Access Client Solutions license should be viewed and then you should check the option for I agree and select the I confirm button.

The IBM i Access Client Solutions file along with the Readme, Quick Start Guide, Getting Started documentation are presented to download, along with and English only version of the Windows and Linux application packages. By default, the downloads are offered using the Download Director tool. If there are problems with that, you should select the tab to Download using http, and try that as a more reliable alternative.

The client is still available from the IBM Entitled System Support (ESS) web site, and this is the only location to obtain the IBM i Access Client Solutions Windows Application Package and IBM i Access Client Solutions Linux Application Package. The following discusses obtaining the client from the IBM ESS web site.

o You must be entitled to V6R1 or above.
o V5R4 entitled customers will not be able to obtain the GA version of Access Client Solutions unless they already have a processed order for V6R1 or above.
o When and IBM i OS Version is removed from Marketing Support, approximately 1 year prior to End of Service, the IBM i Access family product for that release are no longer updated on the ESS site. To obtain the latest version of IBM i Access Client Solutions from the ESS site our customer would have to be entitled for a newer release of IBM i OS and download the software under that release.

This is not a complete walk-through, it is meant to be used a guide.

Obtaining application packages

Note: The Electronic System Support (ESS) web site is supported by the ESS team. For further assistance with downloading this product, you should visit the following web site:
Select CONTACTS on the right, and locate the appropriate number for your country.

All three parts of the IBM i Access Client Solutions product can be downloaded from the ESS service. Start by logging in to the ESS site:

1. You must sign in with your IBM ID. If you do not have an IBM ID, you can register for one on this same page.
2. Once signed in and registered, expand the My entitled Software selection. You should see the Software downloads link in the upper left area, click that link.

If Software downloads does not appear in the list, it is most likely because the customer number that was used to purchase your SWAMA (Software Warranty And Maintenance Agreement) is not registered with your ID. To correct this, click on the Register IBM customer number link under My entitled Software and enter your country and customer number. Contact IBM support if you are not sure what this customer number is (hint, it is the same one used for your support). Then return to My entitled Software and click on Software downloads.
3. Follow through on customer number selection.
4. On the Select Product page, you must be at V6R1 or later depending on whether your system is entitled for multiple releases.

This following screen shots are for IBM i at V7R3. It is recommended that you select V7R2M0 or later to ensure that you get the latest version of the application packages. Once a version is withdrawn from marketing, no further updates can be added in ESS and the application packages are updated roughly twice a year.

5. Continue on to Language selection and finally Software Downloads.
Continuing on with 5770-SS1 a list of available products will be displayed.

All supported releases including R720, R730 and R740 feature 6290 will be selected.
    7. Select I agree for the terms and conditions.Once you get to the page for downloading your software, you should scroll to the bottom of the page and select Click here to use HTTP:

    This is where to click to use HTTP.
    8. After clicking the Click here to use HTTP link, you will be presented with a list of available products from your selection:


    o IBM i Access Client Solutions is the Java-based client that provides the 5250 emulator, console, spooled file print, and data transfer.

    o IBM i Access Client Solutions - Win AP is the ODBC driver for Windows (installer).

    o IBM i Access Client Solutions - Linux AP is for ODBC support in Linux (Dabien and RedHat packages).

    Once you have downloaded the application package zip files, you may unzip them into a directory from which you can run the setup program to install the client.

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