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The existing ObjectConnect commands are now extended to support TCP/IP natively for IBM i 7.4.


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ObjectConnect Background
ObjectConnect is an existing set of CL commands for copying objects between systems easily and efficiently.  It is already included with the IBM i Operating System as Option 22.  The Install Licensed Program function is used to install it.  The commands for ObjectConnect are closely related to the save/restore commands, and support most of the same parameters, so it is relatively easy to learn to use.
Some clients use FTP for sending objects from one IBM i LPAR to another.  FTP works well, but it does require extra disk space to make a copy in a save file.  Using ObjectConnect instead has multiple benefits.  First, the system copies the object directly to the target system without using save files or distribution queues.  Second, ObjectConnect does not require additional disk space to store an intermediate copy of the object that is being copied.  Finally, ObjectConnect tends to have better overall performance than other methods for copying objects between systems.
ObjectConnect is already available for use in two types of configuration.  ObjectConnect with Virtual OptiConnect is fast, but it is limited to sending objects between 2 LPARs on the same Power server.  Many clients who want to use ObjectConnect to send objects to another Power server have needed to configure Enterprise Extender and IPSec, even though they did not use SNA networks.  

New solution for IBM i 7.4
The existing ObjectConnect commands are now extended to support TCP/IP natively.  This means that objects can now be copied easily and efficiently between systems in a TCP/IP network using ObjectConnect commands without needing to configure Enterprise Extender (EE) with High Performance Routing (HPR), or Virtual OptiConnect.  Simply use a new IP option on the ObjectConnect commands to copy objects over a secure TCP/IP connection that has been configured with TLS (Transport Layer Security).  In many cases this new solution may have better performance than previous methods of sending objects.  Clients who are looking for a simple solution for copying objects securely between systems may be interested in this new function.  Clients who are currently using EE/HPR, AnyNet®, or Virtual OptiConnect configurations, or other solutions such as FTP, may want to investigate this new support as a less complex alternative that uses modern/secure protocols.
For more details, see IBM Knowledge Center topic ObjectConnect function.

Software requirements 
ObjectConnect (5770-SS1 Option 22)  
PTF SI73777
Note that both the IBM i ObjectConnect licensed program and the PTF must be installed on both the source and target partitions.

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29 October 2020