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Number grouping (thousand separator) always set to 'comma' (,) - for example cannot be changed to 'space' - when using new 'Embedded Report Library' (IBM Cognos Controller Reports) standard report engine (via "ccrReports"), caused by APAR PH23266



Customer has decided to use the new (since version 10.4.2) standard report engine 'Embedded Report Library'.
  • In other words, they have configured 'web.config' to use "ccrReports" (see separate IBM Technote #1489047).
Customer is based in a geography (for example Sweden) where the 'thousand separator' (for numbers) is traditionally something other than comma.
  • For example in Sweden it is a 'space' ( )
Therefore, to achieve this, the customer modified the regional settings (of both the client device and the Controller application server) to the appropriate value (for example "Swedish (Sweden)")
Afterwards, unfortunately, when standard reports are run, all numbers appear with comma separating groups of numbers (for example:  1,234,567) instead of the expected: 1 234 567


For example, imagine a scenario where the user clicks 'Reports - Ad Hoc' and then runs a report.
When using new 'Embedded Report Library':
image 2521
...or zoomed in:
image 2525
Compare this to when using Cognos Analytics as the report server:
image 2527
As you can see (above) Cognos Analytics groups the numbers using a space separator, when the regional settings tell it to use a space (for example 'Swedish (Sweden)'.


Limitation (reference APAR PH23266) of Controller.
It is not possible to reconfigure the 'Embedded Report Library' report engine to separate number grouping other than with commas (,).


Controller 10.4.2 (or later).

Resolving The Problem

Known limitation of Controller.
Reconfigure Controller to use the traditional 'Cognos Analytics' method of displaying standard reports.

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13 March 2020