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Now Available - Maximo Asset Management

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Now Available - Maximo Asset Management


We are very pleased to announce today, Friday May 24th, 2019 the release of IBM Maximo Asset Management

As we continue to invest in our asset management capabilities, with a focus on improved user experience, value add capabilities, and updates to the technical foundation I highly encourage you to explore what is now available in the latest feature pack for Maximo and download today!

I’ll start with highlighting some of the key new capabilities in our existing work centers for the technician, supervisor, inspections and self service roles as well as some of the new areas of support for supply chain users and other functional and technical enhancements.

Overall within the work centers you will see improved performance, better navigation and scrolling options as well as a number of new functions.   

Some of the highlights for technician and supervisors include 

  • Configuration options for queries and card content
  • A simpler way to report work
  • Support for maps
  • The use of barcode/QR scanners to find assets, locations and report on tools and items
  • Easier access and processes to create new workorders
  • Additional options to add planned resources
  • Associate inspection records with an existing work order
  • Improved meter readings capabilities allow for delta data to be input instead of only capturing the total value

Inspections now support the ability to have icons and colors added to the forms for better usability, as well as the ability to build dependencies within a set of questions in the form builder.

New administrative options for setting up service request categories is available within a new work center interface.   

New supply chain work centers that allow you to create items in storerooms and manage those items with the ability to issue against reservations, transfer across storerooms, perform physical counts and manage reorder information.

Dynamic job plans have now been added with additional options on defining resources needed to perform work with either a static, proportional, level or attribute based methodology.   Users can simulate new work based on the new options to determine the accuracy of their work and make and adjustments as needed.

For those who love the power of automation scripting there is a new embedded scripting editor tool that will help with code changes being made directly in Maximo rather than relying on a third party tool.  It provides line numbers, color indications and collapsible sections as well as some validation and auto completion of common functions and variables in Python and Javascript.

Some other user driven enhancements worth mentioning is defaulting the use of current .xlsx versions when downloading data from within applications, and the updated CSS IoT18 skin now applied to Everyplace interfaces.   We also have Asset Health scoring visible within the work order, asset and location details coming from any Asset Health Insights results.

We continue to look at how Maximo can be procured and how licenses are tracked within the system with additional support within the License tracking application as well as new options to buy Token licenses for Maximo.

Currency updates include support of Oracle 18c, DB2, WAS and WebLogic  For a full list of supported middleware see the updated compatibility matrix here: 


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