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Is the notes.ini parameter debug_threadid dynamic?



Is the notes.ini parameter debug_threadid dynamic? Specifically, can you type the following commands at the Lotus® Domino® server console (instead of manually editing the notes.ini file), and not have to restart the server:

set config debug_threadid=1
set config console_log_enabled=1
set config console_log_max_kbytes=50000 <optional, will limit to size indicated, this is example only>

Resolving The Problem

Typing the commands above at the console will add the following lines


to the notes.ini, but a debug.txt file will not begin being generated until the Domino server is restarted.

The debug_threadid parameter itself is dynamic (as is the console_log_enabled parameter), and when you issue the set config command above, the process and thread ID's for each message will start appearing in the server console window. Similarly, you can issue one of the following server console commands to turn off debug_threadid dynamically:
    set config debug_threadid=0 (leaves it in the notes.ini file)
    set config debug_threadid= (takes it out of the notes.ini file)

Internal Use Only

Is the notes.ini parameter debug_threadid dynamic?

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