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Non-backward compatible database connection format changes



The format for database connection information has changed in this release. As a result, database connections created or exported from clients of these version(s) are not backward compatible. Database profiles exported from v8.0.1.9 are not readable by older versions of ClearQuest. Profiles created with older clients are still, however, readable by the latest clients. Existing connections are not affected by this change.


1. Cannot import a database profile created by ClearQuest v8.0.1.9 in an older client (Windows-only).


2. After installing ClearQuest v8.0.1.9 and rolling back to a previous version, database connections established with the new version of ClearQuest do not work.


The format for database connection information has changed.

Resolving The Problem

Prior to upgrading to v8.0.1.9 database profiles may be exported and saved in case those profiles are needed to be imported by older clients. Database connection information can be established by importing a profile (in the Maintenance Tool) created with an older release of ClearQuest.

As always, database connection information can also be manually entered via the Maintenance Tool (Windows-only), cqreg binary (Linux and Unix), or "Manage Connections" on any platform using the ClearQuest RCP (Eclipse client)

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Modified date:
17 June 2018