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Can I run IBM® Content Manager Version 5 Release 3 on Version 7.2 or 7.3 of IBM i?

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Can I run IBM® Content Manager Version 5.3 on Version 7.2 or 7.3 of the IBM i operating system?


Yes, you will run V5R3 of Content Manager for iSeries (5722-VI1) on Versions 7.2 or 7.3 of the operating system. There is no higher release of 5722-VI1 than V5R3. Furthermore, there is nothing you need to do when you upgrade your operating system. You do NOT want to run EKDPOST if Content Manager for iSeries V5R3 is already installed.

Below is a table to the operating system versions that support Content Manager for iSeries V5R3:

Operating System version
(i5/OS® )
Content Manager for iSeries version (5722-VI1)
V5R3 (5722-SS1) V5R3 Out of support (4/30/09)
V5R4 (5722-SS1) V5R3 Out of support (9/30/13)
V6.1 (5761-SS1) V5R3 Out of support (9/30/15)
V7.1 (5770-SS1) V5R3 Out of support (4/30/18)
V7.2 (5770-SS1) V5R3 Supported until 9/30/18
V7.3 (5770-SS1) V5R3 Supported until 9/30/18

With any version of the operating system, you should make sure you have the Content Manager for iSeries PTFs installed. A list of the 5722-VI1 PTFs can be found in the Informational APAR II13796 . This Informational APAR is updated periodically. It is a good idea to stay current on PTFs, so it might be helpful to bookmark this web site.

Per Announcement Letter 916-117, IBM Content Manager for iSeries will go out of support on September 30, 2018. Furthermore, the product will not be supported on any future releases of IBM i operating system beyond V7.3.

If this information does not address your question, please contact IBM software support for further assistance.


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