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ClearCase Support for Non-Global Zones

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When was IBM® Rational® ClearCase® support for the Non-Global Zone features of Solaris® 10 introduced and what configuration information is available?


ClearCase support for the Non-Global Zone features on Solaris 10

ClearCase 7.0

Support for Solaris 10 NGZ (Non-Global Zone) was added in ClearCase version iFix01 ( and is available in ClearCase version 7.0.1 and later versions. Global and Non-global zones are now supported.

Refer to technote 1265307 Available iFixes and FixPacks for ClearCase Family 7.x for a list of available updates for ClearCase 7.x.

ClearCase 2003.06.xx

ClearCase 2003.06.xx is only supported for use when installed in the global zone.

If you have installed ClearCase 2003.06.00 on a non-global zone, you will need to uninstall ClearCase and install it in a global zone.


For details about configuring and using Rational ClearCase in a non-global zone environment, review the ClearCase Support for non-global zones in Sun Solaris 10 guide which is available from the IBM Publications Center in publication SC23-6286-00.

Information on installing and running ClearCase on Solaris Non-Global Zones for later versions of ClearCase has been incorporated into the IBM Rational ClearCase Information Center.

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