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QRadar: Changing from active directory or LDAP back to QRadar authentication

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What happens to AD and LDAP accounts when you change from Active Directory (AD), or LDAP, back to QRadar System Authentication?  Is there any additional impact to QRadar or any system integrations?


Effects of changing from Active Directory (AD), or LDAP, back to QRadar System Authentication:
  • The QRadar user accounts associated with AD are not removed.
  • The password field for those AD user accounts in the QRadar Web User Interface become visible.
  • Those users cannot log in until you create a password for each user for them so they work again.
 Impact to QRadar and system integrations:
  • Non-AD, local, accounts are unaffected by the change.
  • This change does not impact Users or User Roles.

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Modified date:
25 October 2022