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QRadar Gateway Add Failed With Error "Token Is Not a Recognized Format"



During the installation of a QRadar on Cloud Gateway 7.3.1, the error "Token is not a recognized format" is received. Verification of the token indicates that it is correct, but the same error is received.


tail /var/log/setup-VERSION/qradar_netsetup.log

Where VERSION is the number corresponding to the latest folder. If you are not sure what is the latest folder, run the following command to display the latest:

ls -lt /var/log/ | grep setup | head -n 1

If you see the following errors, your token is not valid:

date[pid]: ibm_qradar_setup_ui fun_7000_console_Screen_validate [DEBUG] check_7000_console_Screen: Token 'console_id' is not a recognized format
date[pid]: ibm_qradar_setup_ui fun_7000_console_Screen_validate [ERROR] Token is not a recognized format.


The Gateway is able to communicate with the Console but the token is not valid, or already in use for that Console.

Resolving The Problem

  1. Complete the installation while you wait for a valid token. If you have access to the Console, generate a new token in the Self Serv App.
    1. Mount the ISO with the following command:
      mount -o loop QRADAR.iso /media/cdrom

      Where QRADAR.iso is the path to the same version ISO that is installed on the gateway.
    2. Start the Gateway installation by running the following command:
    3. In the Gateway Setup window of the installation wizard, select "configure later" to skip the token screen.
  2. Once you receive a valid token:
    1. Run the following command on the Gateway:
      /opt/qradar/bin/ mh_setup interactive -p
    2. Enter the valid token when prompted.
    3. Verify the script returns that it made a successful connection to your Console, and that it downloaded the VPN, and loaded all parts.
    4. In the Web User Interface, admin tab, select Deploy Changes button.

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