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What is the 'LC_ALL' variable?

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What is the meaning of the variable 'LC_ALL'?


The LC_ALL variable sets all locale variables output by the command 'locale -a'. It is a convenient way of specifying a language environment with one variable, without having to specify each LC_* variable. Processes launched in that environment will run in the specified locale.

The value 'LC_ALL=C' is essentially an English-only environment that specifies the ANSI C locale.

This would be set with the following steps:

1. odadmin environ get > environ.out

2. add the LC_ALL=<language> line to the environ.out

3. odadmin environ set < environ.out

4. odadmin reexec <object dispatcher number of managed node>

Some language setting for LC_ALL are "ja" for Japanese and "us" for US English. For example, 'LC_ALL=ja'. You may find you need to set this to get RIM to work.

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