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CD-ROM drive removal movie - IBM eServer xSeries 306

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Procedures for removing the CD-ROM drive from the xSeries 306 server.


Text from the audio portion of removing the CD-ROM drive movie

To remove the CD-ROM drive:

  1. Remove the cover:
    1. Turn off the server and all attached peripheral devices.
    2. Disconnect all power cords and all external signal cables.
    3. Loosen the captive screw on the rear of the server, then slide the cover to the rear and lift it off.
  2. Remove the front bezel:
    1. Press in on the two blue latches and rotate the bezel down and off the server.

      Note: That the power and reset button covers may come off with the bezel. The bezel can be removed without removing the top cover.

  3. Remove the CD ROM drive:
    1. Remove the single screw securing the interposer card and release the spring retainer and remove it.
    2. Rotate the left side of the CD-ROM drive up to clear the frame and separate the connector from the CD-ROM drive and lift it out of the server.
    3. If required the signal cable can be replaced by removing this cover and disconnecting the cable from the system board.

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24 January 2019