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QRadar Incident Forensics: Forensics tab missing all recovered documents from the default view

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How do I view all forensics query searched and recovered as I only see a subset of my available data?


The Forensics tab has a filter applied and the results displayed are the results that match the Query Filter, instead of all forensics documents available. To view 100% of the available documents, the user must clear the Query Filter.
Fig 1: A query filter was applied that returned 900 of 5,338 available documents.


  1. To reset your forensics query filter so you can view all recovered forensics data, click on query filter:
    Fig 2: Location of the Query Filter icon in the user interface.
  2. Click on the + next to expand the ApplicationProtocol tree and clear the check box for the applied filter:
    Fig 3: Note that there is no apply or save button, as all updates are saved immediately. Clear the check box to remove the applied filter.
  3. Double-click on Forensics tab to refresh and query view is displayed to verify the change.
    image-20190109121003-6Fig 4: Refresh the view of confirm the change. The top of the page should list the total number of filtered items versus available documents.

  4. You should be able to view 100% (5,338 of 5,338) of all documents recovered by the forensics query.
    Fig 5: The Query Filter has been cleared to display all available documents.

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09 January 2019