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Defining Your Equipment Configuration

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Defining Your Equipment Configuration


Defining Your Equipment Configuration


To set up your equipment lists in Sterling TMS followthese steps:

  1. Define a custom equipment list which allows youto specify the equipment your users can select in Sterling TMS.
    1. Click Edit Account > Step1: Profile. The Set Up Organization page opens.
    2. Select Equipment and click View/SetUp. The Equipment page opens.
    3. Select Equipment Types and click View/SetUp. The Custom Equipment List page opens where you candefine the equipment your organization uses.
  2. Define standard equipment lists which allow youto organize and group together related equipment types.
    1. Click Edit Account > Step7: Contracts. The Set Up Contracts page opens.
    2. Select Equipment Lists and click View/SetUp. The Equipment List page opens.
    3. Click Add to create an equipmentlist.

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