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How to add an exception in Kaspersky to allow the use of Aspera Connect

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How to add an exception in Kaspersky to allow the use of Aspera Connect



Kaspersky Internet Security is software designed to protect against threats and information theft through the web.

Unfortunately in some cases this software comes into conflict with the use of the Aspera Connect Browser Plug-In. If you find that you cannot launch or use Connect, you will need to add an exception for it to the Kaspersky program.


1. Open the Kapersky Internet Security software. Click on settings, which in most cases should be in the bottom left corner as a gear icon.

2. Go to Additional > Threats and Exclusions.

3. Under Exclusions, click Specify trusted applications.

4. Click the Add button. Scroll down to Aspera Inc. and expand the folder.

5. Select Aspera Connect then click Next.

6. Select all the exclusions for Connect. Click Save to finish.

7. If Connect still does not work, try rebooting your system.

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18 February 2020