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How to install a SSL certificate in IIS7

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How to install a SSL certificate in IIS7



After acquiring a signed SSL certificate from a certificate authority, you need to install it on the server from which you generated the certificate signing request (CSR) in order to allow users to securely connect to your domain with HTTPS. For more information on generating a CSR on your server, see

Use the following instructions for installing the certificate in Microsoft IIS 7.


Install the certificate

1. Click on the Start menu then go to Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.

2. Click on the name of the server in the Connections column on the left. Double-click on Server Certificates in the IIS section of the middle column.

3. In the Actions column on the right click on Complete Certificate Request

4. Click the button with the three dots to browse for the server certificate that you received from the certificate authority. If the certificate doesn't have a .cer file extension select to view all types. Enter any friendly name you want in the bottom textbox so you can keep track of the certificate on this server. Click OK.

5. If successful you will see your newly installed certificate in the list. If you receive an error stating that the request or private key cannot be found make sure you are using the correct certificate and that you are installing it to the same server that you generated the CSR on. If you are sure of these two things you may just need to create a new Certificate Request and reissue/replace the certificate. Contact your certificate authority if you have problems with this.

Bind the certificate to a website

1. In the Connections column on the left expand the sites folder and click on the website that you want to bind the certificate to. Click on Bindings... in the right column.

2. Click on the Add... button.

3. Change the Type to https and then select the SSL certificate that you just installed. Click OK to finish.

4. You will now see the binding for port 443 listed. Click Close.

Install any intermediate certificates

Most SSL providers issue server certificates off an intermediate certificate so you will also need to install any intermediate certificates or your visitors will receive a Certificate Not Trusted Error. You can install each intermediate certificate (sometimes there is more than one) using these instructions:

1. Download the intermediate certificate to a folder on the server.

2. Double click the certificate to open the certificate details.

3. At the bottom of the General tab click the Install Certificate button to start the certificate import wizard. Click Next.

4. Select Place all certificates in the following store and click Browse.

5. Check the Show physical stores check box then expand the Intermediate Certification Authorities folder and select the Local Computer folder beneath it. Click OK. Click Next then Finish to finish installing the intermediate certificate.

You may need to restart IIS so that it starts giving out the new certificate. You can verify that the certificate is installed correctly by visiting the site in your web browser using https instead of http or using our SSL Checker.

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